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Soon releasing debut first EP “A Whole Lotta Water Works”, Katiah One is an artist raised on the Upper West Side of New York City. His mission is changing the common perception of the average rapper. Katiah draws inspiration from many genres including R&B and Rock, while his favorite artists include Freddy Mercury, Sam Cooke and Issac Brock.  On his latest single “Tail Spin”, taken off the aforementioned EP, Katiah deals with the deep issues of existentialism, or simply put, the meaning of a human being’s existence. Sure his talking ‘black’ talk, but you can’t go there without understanding the physiological and philosophical workings of the human being.  That’s what determines everything else that happens in this world. Katiah One has got a grip on this concept, hence “Tail Spin” is a beautiful character study that will make you consider the importance of all things black.

And at the same time, rather subliminally, Katiah will teach you the importance of love, the meaning of respect and the rules of life. In a world full of meaningless music, it’s always a great feeling to find an artist that’s profound and encourages you to reflect.

“Tail Spin” shows Katiah One as an evolving, audacious songwriter and musician. Whatever you think of his skills as a rapper Katiah is a fantastic performer and a compelling presence. Everyone should all agree that his urgent performance on this track proves fascinating, even if for some strange, but not so obscure reason, you aren’t into the content he’s using that power to convey.

This track marks a sharp turn from the current mumble rap craze. Coming across as a deeply creative soul, it makes sense that Katiah would want to expand the genre’s arsenal, but reaching for the musical stratosphere was unexpected. Mainly because it doesn’t always equate with the instant success many young talents are craving.

What we get is an interesting departure from the genre’s usual work, with Katiah One creating utterly alluring moments that beg to be listened to again and again. And clocking in at only one minute and twenty five seconds, means it’s over quickly, necessitating a whole lot of replay gestures.

Regardless of its cultural importance, the song and the video are both captivating – in terms of message and music. “Tail Spin” is wildly infectious when describing the narrator’s mindset – the music touches deep into your soul, bringing out feelings that swell through your entire being, but that is precisely what this track does.

It took at least three plays of the song until I could internalize all that it conveyed and made me feel in under one and a half minutes. After listening to “Tail Spin”, it becomes obvious that we’re dealing with a dude with hugely effective smarts and suss, capable of dealing out a bold and striking rush of rolling basslines, and bright splashes of percussion.

All the better for Katiah One to conjure up some high-level rap angst with.  Listen closely and you’ll catch some poignant social commentary hidden behind the description of one single color.


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