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The experimental-electro two-piece Kemikal Storm, originally started out as a project called Tempesta Kimika. After a decade spent refining their skills, the duo’s growth towards exploring uncharted sonic terrain and tapping into an all-new vein of creativity in music, induced them to rebrand. The combination of instruments, the epic build-up of their tracks, along with some really smart compositional work, make their new 2021 album, “Orion Way” successfully blur the lines between a number of genres, delivering the best of both electronic and organic sounding worlds, across its run-time.

The immersion factor works tremendously here, as Kemikal Storm work their way from melodic to bombastic and cinematic, and there’s that ever-present surreal yet vivacious sentiment flowing through the duo’s veins. Across the 10 tracks which include instrumental and vocal cuts, there’s a real impression of cohesion, with Kemikal Storm never losing their balance and keeping things diverse without becoming inconsistent.

The electronic music scene is a clear sign that the trends of the world constantly evolve. Once an underground scene with a sound that kept it mainly unnoticed save for a few surfacing trends became more and more accessible in style as producers found ways to implement it into catchier music. Kemikal Storm never blatantly pander to commercialism, preferring to elevate their quotient of creativity.

Yet it cannot be denied that Kemikal Storm’s sometimes complex arrangements, are more often than not, infectious earworms. And it is such, right from the opening of “Orion Way” with the ominous rock drive of “New Visions (Intro)”, which forges a template of growling synths and screaming guitars. “Under The Stars (Instrumental)” continues driving the momentum, with hammering synth basslines and thumping drums under a swirl of guitars.

“Summer Sunset” brings some soulful respite and a deep slow burning groove. The sound of jangling guitars once again beautifully immersed within the synthetic backdrop. Regardless of tempo or style, Kemikal Storm manages to keep the energy high through most of the tracks, displaying interesting mixes and sonic aesthetics. “Good Vibes (Instrumental)” ft. Joey Grace, constantly switches moods from an ethereal intro, to a slapping drive, and a jazzy interlude, and then back again.

The thing that surprises me most about this electronically driven album, is the extensive use of guitar sounds and motifs. It adds a stunning and vibrant dynamic to Kemikal Storm’s sound, and puts them in a league of their own.

The duo have a lot to offer in an entirely new zone of music and you will find an incredible amount of enjoyment from the insane arrangements that they duo cook up. “Infinity and Beyond (Instrumental)” is another one of those momentum driven tracks which just soars from beginning to end.

Another major surprise is that apart from three tracks, the songs on this album, never even hit the 3-minute mark. Hence never allowing for meaningless meandering. Through all their rich and lush sonics, Kemikal Storm cut to the core of their music, make their point, and then get out. This of course will leave you wanting more, so you’ll come back to standout tracks like the gripping vocal versions of “Infinity and Beyond” ft. Leo Valentine and AAP, and “Beautiful Earth” ft. Davedema.

After savoring the closing track “Kepler (Outro)”, it becomes apparently clear that Kemikal Storm have surpassed their contemporaries, vivaciously padding their sound with cutting edge sequencing, complex layered melodies, and enigmatic guitars expertly morphed into synthesizers. All of it comes together to create a most immersive listening experience on “Orion Way”. One you should not miss!


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