Kid Blitz: “Cayenne Reheated” – detailed and produced to every little touch

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Cayenne Reheated is one of those albums that you can just let run from start to finish, repeat, start to finish, then repeat another few times. Every song on this album has amazed me very much considering this is Kid Blitz first official album, as far as I can gather. All 15 full tracks are very detailed and produced to every little touch. The producer Pierre Fontaine, assisted by Kid Blitz himself, has outdone many of their peers here.

The “Intro” and “Hidden” have unbelievable hypnotic transitions embedded within their almost mystical beats. I was also surprised by Kid Blitz’ verses on “Fontaine Acapella” and “Culture”, while “Ambidextrous”, “Carribean Girls and “You Know Me”, are my favorites because Kid Blitz’ lyrics matches the instrumentals very well, and the bare-boned electro beats is the cherry on top.  However all the songs sound focused, honest and sonically well produced.

kidblitz-cayenne-400Kid Blitz is going to be around awhile as his style and approach to the game is different.  His songs are reflective and inquisitory with a good mix between modern futuristic productions and some unusual surprises. There are no featured guests, which on a modern rap or hiphop album these days could spell death! Notwithstanding this fact, and dare I say, because of it, Kid Blitz and Pierre Fontaine are unerringly consistent and sincere in their musical deliveries.

Kid Blitz gives a healthy dose of intelligent lyrics to supplement the creative urban beats. So here is another rap album you can listen to from start to finish. Mainly because Kid Blitz and Pierre Fontaine stick to what their experiences and creative spirits tell them, without trying to ride any sort of style bandwagon. Because of that the lyrics and music stay interesting and Kid Blitz actually tells you something that is well worth you spending the time listening to. That’s really what rap music should be all about. Despite his young age, Kid Blitz can hit home with everyone. College kids on their grind, hustlers trying to find a way out or people who just want to bob their heads to the beat. This album is an example of what rap is, in terms of lyrics that have meaning and the powerful use of instrumentals that are slightly off the beaten track.  Whether you want to be inspired or just blast this album in your car and floss, “Cayenne Reheated” out on the FreshMind label, has it all.

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