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Throughout entertainment, moms have been constant muses, either providing the foundation for a song or propping up the artist who would go on to make it. There are tracks from artists painstakingly taking the time to detail each and every thing that their mother has done for them. The nurturing power of their influence and affection can’t be understated, and it’s why there’s a whole subgenre of music dedicated to honoring their actions. Of course the most emotional songs, are the ones for sadly our departed mothers of this world.

Kid Lava is an upcoming artist currently homeless and living out of a truck. This however has stopped him from releasing his brand new single, entitled “I Love you Momma”. In honor of the mother he lost in late February.

The result is a song that’s comprehensive and lucid, spilling out true emotion towards who was once the rock in Kid Lava’s life. He flexes bars, reflecting on the impact his mom had on him throughout his life, and the amount of love he still has for her.

Kid Lava threads the story of his childhood up to now, touching on his mom’s ability to give him confidence and constant encouragement, while never giving up hope in hard times, and thanking her for being the reason he was able to exist.  The song unfolds on a bouncy beat which eschews the morbidity usually associated with afflicting tales. “You raise me up and tell me not to cry. You told me always keep my head up high,” he sings.

The song however is not just a promise of eternal love from Kid Lava, but also a promise to do the best that he can do, in his life: “Listen ma, ima make you proud. Ima say it loud, hear it from the clouds. Ima be on top, never gonna stop. Ima be the greatest, maybe I’ll be famous. Ima keep on prayin’ in Jesus name. I know he gonna take all your pain away.”

With an appropriate production, Kid Lava employs a somber but resonant vocal, while reminiscing and reflecting. His tone is pensive, but his voice is hopeful as he casts his gaze towards tomorrow, while paying tribute to his mom.

Kid Lava knows that moving his life to the next level would be the best way to honor his mom’s memory, and that’s exactly what he is working towards, with the release of this song. Despite the song’s serious subject matter, its catchiness does not go unnoticed. Kid Lava’s melodic delivery and descriptive storytelling, is the perfect accompaniment for this beat.

Kid Lava’s stylistic choice was obviously calculated, as the sing-song melody makes it way easier to connect and show emotion without overly morbid and melodramatic. “I Love you Momma” has a near-perfect recipe for a sustainable consolidation of his brand: relatable content, a breezy beat, and a smooth easy going flow. Kid Lava is an artist capable of measuring his reach, and knowing just how far he wants to, and needs to go.


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