Louis Goldwater: “AUH20” – 16 outstanding examples of what creative hip hop is!

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Hailing from Pittsburgh in PA, Alt/Hip Hop recording artist Louis Goldwater emerged onto the scene with serious intentions during 2016, gaining an insatiable street buzz from performing at a vast array of underground house parties and shows in the Oakland area of Pennsylvania. He has also had the opportunity to open for some prominent industry acts including Upchurch The Redneck, Kosha Dillz, and several others since his inception. Goldwater dropped his 16 track album, “AUH20” to a global audience on the 16th of June. He also created 16 corresponding pieces of abstract artwork to coincide with each song on the album. These 16 pieces of art, along with dozens of other original “AUH20” inspired artwork have also been made available to the public.

No doubt this is another amazing album from Louis Goldwater. Amazing beats, awesome rhymes. It even sucked me in a little quicker than his 2016 release, “To Whom It May Concern”, but the man has yet to release anything I haven’t 100% loved. Goldwater is alternative and strays around the borders of Hip-hop and rap, but he’s not completely off the hinge as you might first imagine.

He works with a plethora of different producers, and his beats are always soulful and groovy, no matter how laid-back they may get. I’ve been a fan since 2016 and would say this album quantifies the realm of what Louis Goldwater’s alternative style should be; as he has definitely stepped his game up.

Everything that people love about Alternative Rap is on this album: metaphorical lyrics, cool imagery, unique beats, incredible replay value, and the list goes on and on. Louis Goldwater gives us something different than the usual fare of a genre that has long lost most of its coolness.

He demonstrates once again that he is one of the more intelligent, creative, and talented active underground artists out there. His pronunciation is clear and has more stylistic definition than ever, which is highlighted by the way the instrumentals don’t ever over power the lyrics.

One of the most powerful things about hip-hop is its ability to present complex, deeply personal or abstract thoughts and feelings, as well as real experiences. “AUH20” delivers a cross-section of all of the above to capture and mesmerize the listener.

We could break down the album track for track, but we’d need an encyclopedia to describe them all fully. Suffice to say it’s impossible not to relate them in some way. From the moment the opening track, Kaleidoscope” (prod. BeatJoven) kicks off, It’s clear that Louis Goldwater has a lot to say, and no shortage of catchy turns of phrase to express himself.

Moving through tracks like “Stars” (prod. BeatJoven), “Windchill” (prod. Yondo), “Find My Way” (prod. Yondo), “Noise” (prod. NOLUCK) and “Sixteen Years Ago” (prod. Pdubcookin), the album sees Goldwater’s rhyme schemes at their most melodic and accessible, giving his narratives an extra sharp edge.

Elsewhere, on cuts like “Scumfuck Music” (prod. MiiiKXY), “Blotters” (prod. HellaBeats), “Pace” (prod. False Ego), and “Bear The Witness” (prod. KOOLEIDOSCOPE), the Pittsburgh rapper won’t let you forget he’s super-efficient when it comes to stacking syllables on syllables, in a flow of consciousness.

Louis Goldwater is capable of muscling more impressive imagery and vocal dexterity into a single three minute track than lesser artists manage in an entire album. Each subsequent track on “AUH20” is an invitation to hip-hop fans to sink their minds into a lyrical treasure trove.

If the album teaches us anything it’s that putting yourself out there for your art can be harnessed to create something spellbinding. Louis Goldwater is able to give you 16 outstanding examples of what creative hip hop is, while keeping your head nodding, and you mind attached to the music as well.


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