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Artists reach their highest potential when they can bare their truths to their fans, and that is exactly what 26 year-old Lucaztro, an artist from Oslo, Norway, did on his album “In Space”.  Tender and personal but self-assured, this 10 track recording, is a coming-of-age album that captures the freedom in learning about yourself through experiences with others. Celebrating his identity and life as a growing young man, his precise songwriting maps his journey through various relationship intricacies while sharing experiences, emotions and lessons learned along the way. The album is consumed with sexual desire as it focuses on the impulses that drive those desires, and the tactics used to play the game.

As the songs build in confidence over pulsating keys and throbbing beats, Lucaztro unfolds his thrilling narratives. He blends a mix of Pop, R&B, Hiphop and Electronic flavors, to construct a sound that is edgy, soulful and catchy. Pushed by intermittent waves of synth beds, “Snow Land” kicks off the album. Immediately, the honesty and attention to detail in his songwriting puts him on high level. As does the resonant and crystalline sound of his voice.

Lucaztro’s songwriting is noticeably confident and affecting, featuring a strong sense of melody, while his voice can add a powerful sense of urgency when needed. Which is what it does on the momentum pushing “Animal”. His mellifluous voice is also able to take on a sad-boy, melancholic lilt, on the slow-burning throb of “My Love”. His falsetto is just as impressive here.

“Blue” is everything the title makes it out to be, as Lucaztro sings: “Eyes so blue, make me so confused. Am I being used, then use me like they do. Use me like they do. That ain’t nothing new.” This album embodies maturity not only in its atmospherics and sonic imagery, but in how Lucaztro confronts his narratives. This can be heard in his direct, straightforward talking in “Trust In Me”.

The keys that surround him are warm and soothing on “Movie”, while the rich vocal harmonies are perfectly juxtaposed with sing-song lead voice delivery. “On Ice” brings in the muted jangle of a clean guitar, which smartly drives the song alongside the bassline interludes. Lucaztro’s endearing voice is the cherry on top of the song.

Lucaztro has a fresh musical perspective in his trendy sound, and the force of his original personality enlivens a track like “To Run”, which is both similar, and yet so unlike the sound of conventional radio songs.

In “Kinda Crazy”, Lucaztro once again shows that he has no problem with explicit imagery, as he drops lines like: “Spread your legs tonight. Let me come inside,” or “I’m not even asking. Her pussy always finds me. Yes it’s kinda crazy, but I find it amazing.”

The album finally closes, with the piano-driven, mid-tempo ballad, “Come My Way”. Between an array of well-produced beats, great lyrics and a more than alluring voice, “In Space” is everything that an album needs to truly make an impact.

The flow between the tracks on this album is impeccable, with the opening song setting the tone of the album perfectly, and the remainder of the tracks further establishing Lucaztro’s sound. His best songs perform a kind of magic, taking on many forms and nuances, setting him a cut above your standard pop fare.


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