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Take American big band music, with a swing-jazz beat and a rich horn section, then blend it with gritty, pop-rock textures, an entertaining and talented singer-songwriter, and what you have is “A Beautiful Crime (Love Story Part 3)” – the grand debut single from Salvador Antonio Itriago Leon aka SAIL, released worldwide to all major streaming services. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, SAIL initially started out on drums and nurtured a love for Classic Rock, while he learned to play a number of instruments. His mother a music lover, and his father a classically trained musician, SAIL’s artistic progression seems almost naturally inevitable.

Currently working to release his debut solo album in 2022, entitled “Radiology” – a love story told in 12 parts, SAIL created “A Beautiful Crime (Love Story Part 3)” by way of opportunity and chance. “The creation for the song started when I had the opportunity to record 9 songs in the studio but needed a tenth, something different from my Pop-Rock style,” explains SAIL. “So I decided to create a new and different song, layering the rhythmic base of Drums, Piano and the Acoustic Guitars, under powerful trumpets and saxophones intertwined with lots of vocal arrangements,” he concludes.

In fact, “A Beautiful Crime (Love Story Part 3)” authentically captures the magic of those classic complex recording, arranging and production sessions, which ultimately turn out brilliantly accessible and easy on the ear tunes.

It’s a rare skill only the most competent musicians and songwriters possess. Technically advanced, consistently entertaining, dynamic and all-embracing, this single transcends all boundaries –genre, style and demographics – as SAIL whips out a whirlwind performance that will sweep you away.

In this track, SAIL proves that he is not only able to artfully capture our attention, he’s actually worthy of it, as he narrates the tale of “how love tortures someone to the point of committing a crime, in a silly way.”

In fact the song’s protagonist, due to poverty, steals a rose from someone’s garden. The flower wins him favor with his girl, but leaves him guilt-ridden. All of provides an interesting moral, sentimental, and psychological study, within a swinging, fun 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Big-band swinging jazz, is a hard task for any mainstream singer to tackle, but SAIL does it in an almost effortless manner. He has found his own way to entice the audience with his smooth and resonant voice, and then backs it up with some rocking guitars to add extra spice.

What merits a mention is the instrumentation “A Beautiful Crime (Love Story Part 3)”. Having real musicians play real instruments, is always a plus in this woefully de-musicalized era.

You’ll find guitars, trumpets, saxophones, pianos and more. The arrangement is diverse, elaborate and composed with care and heart. Moreover, SAIL’s skills are absolutely fine-tuned to illustrate the music he performs. His delivery is always correctly nuanced and passionate.

“A Beautiful Crime (Love Story Part 3)” showcases many facets of this singer-songwriter, and musician, while presenting the listener with a memorable and enjoyable experience, encompassing a wide array of moods and emotions, founded on solid musicianship.

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