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Norwegian rapper, singer and producer, Lupae Filius who makes his open-hearted brand of hip-hop, into modern, relevant hit-sounding fare, is back with a brand new ear-catching tune, entitled “Heard It All”. Whereas his previous single, “Run” was a dark rap track, with an emphasis on flexing machine gun bars, the new track sees Lupae Filius master the pocket of crossover melodic hip-hop and pop perfectly. It has everything a typical successful mainstream song has: a great beat, catchy vocals, and quality production.

It’s undeniable: Lupae Filius knows how to make a hit-sounding song.  Luscious production, high-profile bars, and trendy vibes. All of which displays his multifaceted music talent and style. Lupae knows what it takes to make a record stick and spread like wildfire. As an artist, he has the pedigree to understand what works for him and what doesn’t, allowing him to deliver music with consistency and individuality.

Lupae Filius

By setting himself up with a strong foundation from the beginning, about 13 years ago, Lupae Filius subsequently gave himself high expectations, eventualy going global in 2018. His music has since had a strong and positive reception. His single “Run” was everywhere, and getting radio plays. This was such a strong effort from Lupae, helping solidify his status as an artist moving towards the top of his genre.

“Heard It All” aims to capture the success Lupae Filius has received, as well as demonstrate some sort of evolution. The singer is just oozing with confidence here, so much that he seems fearless in every way.

A confident Lupae is one that makes good music, and anyone can appreciate that on this single. Here he shows that he has a remarkable capacity for intriguing, melodic songwriting. The quality of his choruses are superb. He can’t help himself; every one of his choruses is ready-made for radio.

The lyrics are relatable and inspired, but the song shines because it just sounds so damn good. To be honest, for me, every track Lupae Filius makes, is good. He’s managed to find a remarkably unique comfort zone somewhere between Hip-Hop, Pop and Rap. One minute he’s delivering rap bangers, and the next he’s crooning his way through melodic pop. It certainly shows that Lupae’s focused on creating a lane of his own.

“I have been confused with illusions. Yeah I have been abused and abusive. Had a devil, but I choose to remove it. I’ve been living like life is a movie. It’s a movie, but I’ve never been the star of it. I only been a part of it, like I’m never getting far with it. But now I’m taking charge of it,” sings Lupae Filius, his voice ringing with fortitude.

He pours out his heart in a way that resonates with most, while the song’s aesthetic preferences, emphasize what an impeccable sonic palette Lupae has developed. Lupae Filius’ career is definitely growing, as he introduces new sounds and styles to his repertoire. “Heard It All” is totally reflective of that.


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