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With so much music coming out, it is easy to miss a track here or there, and the next thing you know, you haven’t heard your new favorite song, or an upcoming artist. Since a lot of the music out there sounds the same – either because artists work with the same ‘hot’ producers, or because the copycats are out in numbers and don’t really care who they sound like – the artist’s skill is ultimately what brings him or her to the forefront.

So let it be said that Lance Davies has the skills and the voice, he understands his music, and can make a song with emotional impact that sounds his own. The downtempo, minimal guitar-driven Hip-hop, Pop and R&B production-sound that has become the norm, just sounds so much better in the hands of Lance Davies and his team, on the single “Space”.

Born in Durban, South Africa and currently living in the UK, Lance Davies has a huge passion for music. He suffers from anxiety and depression and says that, strangely, making sad songs, actually helps him feel better. All of which sounds similar to the Post Malone syndrome, and if Davies by any chance is able to emulate Malone’s career trajectory, then he is on a winning course.

A moody and somber track, “Space” showcases Davies’ nuanced vocals and his delicate pen game, in an introspective narrative about the termination of a worthy relationship due to his own internal conflicts.

“The song Space is a personal favorite of mine,” explains Lance Davies. “It shows my internal conflicts that ended my last relationship with someone really amazing. For example in one line I say “she makes me feel perfect” then further on I say “I need space” and then “I wanted you to stay” (In my mind I’m not good enough, I deserve to be alone but then at the same time I’m like “wait, please don’t leave me”),” he concludes.

Love can often be unfair. We can hurt those we love due to our own insecurities and afflictions. We see ourselves and our fears in our partners and disconnect, when in reality we should open up and expose our inner-struggles and flaws, to help uncover the true empathy in the ones we love. But it’s a tough route when you’re combating your own personal tribulations at the same time.  It doesn’t allow you to focus clearly on external elements.

Lance Davies manages to express these complexities of his ended relationship, in a way that everyone and anyone can appreciate. His melodic voice interweaves the beat, adding depth to the melancholic, yet somehow buoyant ambiance. Beyond the skittering hi-hats and shimmering guitars, you can hear the chirping of birds in the background, which may indicate a subtle radiance of positivity on the horizon.

Although Lance Davies may be compared to his peers in the new wave blend of hip-hop, pop and R&B, his musicality and integrity to be confident in his own skills may result in a promising outlook to his career. His raw talent, honest vulnerability, and easy relatability, add more notches to his repertoire that will assist in working his way towards success.


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