Revolution Music – “No Heroes” – perfectly articulated in the lyrics and the production

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Lyricism, storytelling and authenticity –that’s the principle catchphrase written in stone, from Canadian Rap group Revolution Music, based in Toronto, Ontario. Starting out in 2017 Chase Banks, Dilla Jince and Preecha share their side of being black men growing up on the west side of Toronto and navigating the world. Their dreams, aspirations, and their struggles form part of the group’s narration package. Set to drop their upcoming mixtape, Revolution Music, include Aurora Beats, Djjeremixx and Nilamoon, as frequent collaborators on their projects.

Revolution Music work in tandem, with the emcees each trading verses and lines, as well as singing mellifluous hooks and choruses, making them a modern rap group with a knack for melody, and the core lyrical essentials from classic hip-hop.

They use their voices as instruments, rapidly switching the styles of rap cadences from bar to bar, employing diverse rhyme schemes and how they deliver them. The resulting music has just as much in common with more melodic styles, as it does with rap and hip-hop. On the single, “No Heroes”, the artists individually establish their distinct personalities and demonstrate their ample lyrical skill, and melodic flair, without ever overwhelming the listener.

Driven by resonant piano chords, which is a central theme to many of the group’s tracks, the slow to mid-tempo groove forms a soulful backdrop, on which Revolution Music drop their focused lyric sheet. All three members cruise through their verses and rhymes effortlessly, ricocheting through the track with limitless kinetic energy.

Revolution Music never dumb down their style throughout the track, as they deliver a well-structured song that remains both accessible and catchy. Their attitude is a blend of reflection, introspection and confrontation with life’s realities.

While hip-hop is turning into the same tired trap stereotypes, Revolution Music prove that with same ingredients of melody, vibe, beat and feels, you can still create lyrically and technically relevant pieces of music.

Truthfully, the goals of “No Heroes” are perfectly articulated in the lyrics and the production. The track is a masterclass in rhyme schemes, wordplay, and ear-warming flows – and is an excellent one at that.

Chase Banks, Dilla Jince and Preecha ride the rhythm with striking precision, flaunting style and controlled emotion. They have complete mastery of their deliveries, accenting key words at will, and constantly finding hidden rhythms to target their vocal trajectories.

Generally when “No Heroes” is lauded, it will more often than not be for its lyrical creativity, with the focus on its emceeing, but the production is also well worthy of praise.  The music is smooth, unobtrusive, allowing plenty of pockets to fill with verbiage, yet constantly adding to the mood-setting equation.

In summary, “No Heroes” is all about three Toronto natives making music that reflects their inspirations, and aspirations – but rather than emulate, they seek to innovate, in an effort to take things to the next level. Hence they’re called Revolution Music!

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