Lylantz – “Nevermore” – an unabashed, relentless assault on the psyche!

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Born in Chicago, IL, bred off the concepts of existentialism, archaic writings and spirituality paired with an undying love of the night to whom he dubs his paramour, At-N “Lylantz” Ausara-Lasaru is an American vocalist, composer and producer. For all of his energetic raps and charismatic lyricism, and supersonic soundscapes, Lylantz is still far too underrated. He cannot be grouped with any class of rapper, whether vintage or freshman. His style has probably gone unnoticed by the mass media thus far because everyone has their attention on the saturation of wack rappers currently being showcased on radios and streams. He’s not even part of the new wave of rappers flogging the charts. As diverse as all of them are, Lylantz is a totally different breed.

Out of the flock of new rappers that have emerged over recent years, Lylantz is the most unpredictable, and easily one of the most creative. He’s capable of lyrical slaughter, but also of being loud and abrasive. 2019’s epic 17 track recording, “Nevermore” which is the artist’s second album and entirely self-produced, showcases these abilities.

He’s got more than enough references, social commentary, mosh-pit energy, punchlines, and unique flows in his bag of tricks. He’s tweaked his persona and music artillery. His latest project is a mind-boggling artistic journey. This album’s energy is through the roof, as Lylantz delivers his bars like a maniac. He wrestles with darkness and demons and unspoken truths, bringing to light blistering production along the way.

It’s Lylantz unabashed, relentless assault on the psyche that is the most thought-wrenching. The unique collaboration between his skittering vocal growls and high pitched yells doesn’t pull any punches. It’s another instance of Lylantz holding a mirror to society’s ills.

After the quietly dark opening of “In Our Wake” ft. Abby Fox, he shows us how raw and intense he can be on “Folklore”. At times his delivery can be devastatingly melodramatic, as it is on “The Raven”. Lylantz has got a dangerous pen and his volume can be overbearing for the weak-hearted.

It’s this style of execution that can make it hard to get into Lylantz in one listen. In fact some tracks require several listens before its genius can be appreciated. The visceral and theatrical slow burn of “Alone in the Dark”, is one such track. Even Death Metal fans would be in awe of such a menacingly evil sounding delivery.

Moving forward through “Frost”, “Blink” ft. Addison Flux and “Blackwaters”, Lylantz brings multiple musical personalities into existence, using shifting tones and timbres to create a virtual vocal posse who can drop in for a few bars at a time. The production remains stunning throughout, bringing driven agro-filled moments and astounding atmospheres.

While difficult to hear and instantly process, the lyrics are a clear mark of emotional depth and maturity once you decipher them. Most times, like for example on “Maiden”, “Blade” and “Bloodbath”, you do not even need to comprehend the lyrics, as Lylantz’s tones and nuances walk you through the narratives of his vivid storytelling.

The artist consistently uses his mesmerizing flows to poignantly articulate his thoughts and feelings. His adlib squealing is as compelling as the verses.  Lylantz’s signature blended flows immediately punch through the beats and evolves cohesively throughout each song. You can catch his vast collection of flows on contrasting tracks like “Sweepstakes” and “Paradigm”.

Right up until the final tracks, these songs go through a series of violent switches and distorted detours before screeching to a halt. The chaotic and aggressive performances is simply Lylantz fully realizing his potential. In a trap culture that’s been dominated by underwritten, and under performed pop tunes, it’s refreshing to hear an album bereft of anything average or within the norm.

Lylantz’s approach to rap music is at odds with the rest of his scene. He’s a firebrand of passion and aggression, which solidifies him as an extremely original and unique rising star not to be taken lightly. I’m intrigued to see where he goes from here.


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