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Rustee Juxx comes out of the gates firing, while the producer absolutely kills the beat and creates a sense of impending doom, perfectly paired with the piercing rhymes that come from Mace the Amazing. The two are on a path to put out hotter bars than anyone else in the game. On the single, “Talk Facts” ft. Rustee Juxx, Mace is clearly setting the pace, and cementing that the feeling that he is one of the best coming from across the pond.  Mace the Amazing is an underground hip-hop emcee from the UK. With a laid back cadence and “in your face” style lyrics, Mace likes to spread social and political messages in his music. This track features one of Mace’s favorite emcees, Rustee Juxx, with whom he has done several tracks.

Mace the Amazing and Rustee Juxx verbally assault the beat with a cluster of lyricism and hardnosed bars. This pairing is one that is made in heaven. Two independent lyrical titans of the underground industry come together to utterly demolish a beat in every way imaginable. And they do it in just two minutes, keeping things simple and to the point. All excess fat has been skimmed off the track – one straight fire beat, and two incendiary voices is plenty to set “Talk Facts” alight.

Mace the Amazing
Mace the Amazing

Rustee Juxx comes out fully loaded, and as good as he is on this song, Mace the Amazing’s experience and talent really shines in this track too. The control of cadence and flow he has in this song really solidifies his prowess as a rapper. He never loses his cool, even when his emotions are clearly heightened. He flows across the song with power, and precision, and takes a more personal route with this song.

Mace the Amazing is looking at what is happening around him with disappointment, and wants a change. The pairing of clear lyrics and a beautiful beat makes this a standout track, and proves the depth of the artists involved. Mace proves on “Talk Facts” ft. Rustee Juxx, just how talented he is in painting pictures in the mind of the person that is listening.

A raw look into the mind of the artist is rare, and Mace the Amazing manages to portray his emotions over a clean instrumental while still maintaining his clever rhetoric. He comes across with tone that makes you focus on what he is saying in his rhymes instead of just focusing on the hot beat and bombastic voices. The flow and unrushed speed leaves you waiting for each and every bar that is coming next.

“Talk Facts” is a wonderful collaboration between two continents. There is not a single weak verse in this song, both rappers came to impress and left nothing on the table. The song creates a vibe that makes the listener feel as affected and implicated as the artists who are rapping on it. This is a pairing that was made to rap together, the song makes it feel like Mace the Amazing and Rustee Juxx are sharing one mindset that took two different paths along life.

Connect with Mace the Amazing on social media @macetheamazing. Stream his music on DATPIFF and BANDCAMP.

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