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Made of Stone is Los Angeles based Ambient Rock Band formed in the summer of 2019. “This project will always be about the music and never about us,” says the band. So what we’re left with, is not too much information, about the components and workings of the band, but in compensation, we have some really thoughtful music to admire. We do however know that Made of Stone is comprised of Sophia Medina (Vocals), Chris Lewis (Bass), Alin Glogovicean (Guitar), Sammy Velick (Drums), Lucian Lee (Guitar, Synth), and that they lay down sophisticated, and delicately expanding soundscapes for the soul to seek solace in. And they do that with a great level of creativity that becomes apparent the more you listen to them.

The intertwined melodies, the elegantly powerful arrangement, the ethereal soul-searching vocals, the beautiful guitar and keyboard lines, makes this all-round gorgeous music. That was my first impression on listening to the single “Bitter Road” by Made of Stone.

This music is a perfect example of why life is worth living, why existence can be beautiful in addition to terrible, and how incredible humans can be. The band’s songwriting and vision is very intricate and well-crafted, and their creativity is first-rate. With every iridescent sound and unpredictable twist, you can feel the group’s potential soaring to loftier heights.

“Bitter Road” feels like a breath of new life, shimmering with gorgeous guitar notes while pirouetting in a fleshed out, spacey atmosphere that is immersive but not oppressive. When hearing this track, it feels like you’re experiencing so much more than a collection of sounds being tossed together on a musical canvas.

Led by Sophia Medina’s captivating vocals, it’s like you’re truly transported from your cozy crib to somewhere far away and more achingly beautiful than you could ever imagine. The narrative is melancholic and somber, full of desolating introspection. It is the perfect juxtaposition to the climaxing soundscape.

“I’ll take the bitter road to nowhere. I think it’s better off this way. You are a demon in my nightmare. So let’s go there,” sings Medina eloquently. At any given point during the song’s arrangement, there’s unforetold beauty such as this just waiting to be discovered by anyone who’s willing to let their minds do a little bit of exploring.

It’s true that the track’s narration is meant to be divisive, but it’s important to recognize that as a strength of the narrator. If you are ever introducing someone to Made of Stone’s music, “Bitter Road” is the best track to do it. It has a beautiful melody and it rises and falls at all the right moments.

Warm, engaging, and possessing mesmerizing aural imagery, “Bitter Road” is an incredible four minutes and twenty seconds of music, which ties all of the swirling ideas within the band’s differing mindsets into one stunning little piece that’s worthy of unending adoration.

The intertwining guitars, keys and bass of Alin Glogovicean, Lucian Lee, and Chris Lewis are central, and Sammy Velick’s impassioned drumming pumps life through the piece, while plenty of attention has been turned to building on atmospheric layers, and the melodies sung by Sophia Medina. Whatever this track does for you, you cannot deny its power and beauty.


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