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Within the past few years, the culture of rap music has reached unexplained heights. The pool of new wave rappers is getting massive day by day, with the help of streaming services which offers them a platform, drawing in millions of fans. While veteran rappers and many others believe that the new generation of rappers are pulling the genre in the wrong direction, the genre is continuing to evolve and expand, and some of the new rappers might just be able to shift the culture of Hip-hop in the right direction. One of these is Polani.

Polani is a rap artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently promoting the single “Problem”, produced by Kevin Hues, and out on the Never Come Down Ent. label. Polani is a rapper full of skill, charisma, and depth.

His non-stereotyped appearance matches with his speaker-blowing raps. Polani is a rare artist, whose self-styled personality is burned into is his music. He brings a blend of old-school values and new wave aesthetics.

With “Problem”, Polani enters the hip-hop landscape with rhythmic resilience and a captivating melodic demeanor that perfectly serves veracious modern rap audiences. Whether it is R&B’s current vitality rubbing off on hip-hop or the other way around, the two genres have seldom appeared so meshed with each other.

Polani is aided by his warmly dynamic persona and versatility with moods and styles—one almost wants to say voices, given that this song is near to soliloquy in concept, and can feature anything from energetic rapping to an ear-worming melodic motif.

When Polani is at his best, few rappers think and swerve so fast on their feet – and partly because he conveys the exhilaration of the new wave. You can taste his air of open possibility, both for himself and for where the music might go.

Rooted in a melodic tone, with “Problem”, Polani mixes trap and rap influences into an irresistible concoction that will push you to dance. A throbbing bass and clattering percussion build a groove as Polani rhymes, headfirst into his narrative.

That’s where his genuine, interesting, and provocative art comes from. Polani encapsulates what is so fascinating about the new rap movement. A song like “Problem” will definitely have your speakers knocking, and showcases why he’s an artist to watch.

Polani also shows off his vast knowledge of trends and great ear for production. And if you run through his catalog you’ll see that he is just as comfortable making rap bangers as introspective jams.

“Problem” is music for the times we’re living in. Whether you’re looking for the finest rap or a soundtrack to bounce to, Polani is the bomb. He proves that all you need to make a great rap record is a good beat and the truth!

OFFICIAL LINKS: SPOTIFYAPPLE – Instagram: @_Polani – Twitter: @PlaTnum8082702 – Snap chat: @iam_polani – LÜM: @Polani


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