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Over the last years, the audience for R&B and Soul has exploded. Artists like Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Miguel have proved the commercial viability of original interpretations of classic sounds. But there is also an underground school at work, delivering sounds that are blended with thoughtful and insightful lyrics, far removed from the booty shakers and bedroom jams.  “Truth Is Now Acquired” is one of the songs that belong in that contemplative school. The single is described as focusing on how truth guides relationships. “When the truth becomes acquired between two parties within any relationship, there is a freedom that allows the heart to love without fear of the unknown because with truth comes clarity,” states the song’s creator.

There’s a good chance that you’ve never even heard of this guy just yet, but “Truth Is Now Acquired”, paints Malcom Davis as a deep-thinking, sensitive soul. The song works because it depends on his reliable musicality.

It reveals him as a singer-songwriter who vocally, he has the range to fill in the spaces left unoccupied by an instrumental arrangement that puts the emphasis on a simple and eloquent groove. Malcom Davis’ comfort with addressing subject matter that is intimate, insightful and almost spiritual, comes through in this song.

In a world where the urban music culture has been mutated and forced into hedonism and misogyny, and where a staccato of aimless lyricism laced with pointless observations blast through the streets, “Truth Is Now Acquired” is a testament to the virtue of knowing who you are and standing firm on what you do.

The arrival of Malcom Davis as an unknown artist is sensational. He maintains a strict level of lyricism that is so endearing, it could hold its own, even without the music. Unlike most male artists in R&B, Malcom Davis expresses emotions and delivers messages, instead of simply making statements.

Considering the seemingly endless reign of machismo in popular male R&B and hip-hop, a considerate song like, “Truth Is Now Acquired”, has been long overdue. Malcom Davis presents the song as a personal dialogue through a conversational style of music. His lyrics often move fluidly like a string of thoughts being made on the spot.

Likewise, the music matches the twists and turns of his language. The singer’s exceptional ability to encapsulate words with strong emotions is highlighted here. Malcom Davis delivers them with such conviction – and with great vocals – that you can’t help but love this recording. One quick listen to the song, and it’s clear that Davis is well on his way to satisfying his potential.

“Truth Is Now Acquired” definitely has a refined, mature and palatable sound that will stand the test of time within a genre that is desperately in need of an upgrade. I urge people to really have a thorough listen and get into the mind of a songwriter whose heartfelt thoughts and profound theories define his songs, and for that you must give Malcom Davis the utmost respect.









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