Marshall Love: “IND OF TRUE” does more than enough to impress!

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Charles Lovett, or as he is known on stage, Marshall Love, is a 30 year old rapper from North Manchester, IN. And like most serious rappers he has a story which pinpointed his journey towards his craft. It wasn’t a journey of street life, drugs, violence and prison. Instead it was one of friendship, dreams and compassion. The dream to pursue a comic book project with a close friend, wherein the central character, Sheriff Love, would patrol a post-apocalyptic world. The objective of his mission being the voice of reason in an age where rational thought had fallen extinct, and a return to animalistic instinct ran rampant.

In 2012 Lovett’s close friend passed away, and he took it upon himself, after reading an old Facebook message, to honor the project with his own personal version. Charles decided to embody the persona of their comic book hero, and with a tweak to the character’s name, became Marshall Love, a creative outlet for his love for Hip-hop and R&B.

“The EP ‘IND OF TRUE’, came together very quickly from a writing standpoint,” says Marshall Love, “but perfecting it took quite a long time.” As a long haul truck driver, from October 2015 to October 2017, with a mic, a DAW and his laptop Love managed to work on his develop and finally complete his 7 track project which has now been made available to the public in 2018.

While Marshall Love’s sound resides in the middle of R&B nostalgia and future hip-hop, his lyric sheet can only come from a writer who’s in the present, and looking in both directions.

More than partying and bullshit, Marshall fills his journals with stories of friendship, intense relationships, and personal introspection. His stories are capable of unifying thousands of people who feel misunderstood in a world where parental, cultural, and emotional influences could often be overwhelming.

Marshall Love’s calling card is that he spins simple poetry, sitting on rhyme schemes as comfortable as his smooth production. And what he avoids in complexity as a writer, he makes up for with an earnestness that speaks directly from his big heart.

His words throughout the EP sum up just how much, love, keeps his world in place. His verses make sense both as emotional drafts as well as complete thoughts, it’s a raw expression fit for a perceptive artist of his kind.

Marshall quickly captures attention on tracks like “Going Back” and “IND OF TRUE”, but his lyrical seduction never wears out throughout the set. As his pool of emotions push on through the smooth vibes of “Whisper” and “Make It Right”.

It becomes more apparent he has plenty of depth in perspective, to flesh these songs out into stronger confessionals, as you hit play on “Friend”. Marshall Love knows how to fully focus on specifics as a writer, as well as a performer, his voice meandering and lilting when he’s overcome by bliss or a crushing sadness.

Marshall also knows how to share his space with features on, “Part of Nature” featuring Brooke, and “Indiana Summer” featuring LL. By the time the final bar closes on the “IND OF TRUE” EP, you’ll be sure to know that Marshall Love has done more than enough to impress.


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