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Ricky Sinz is a techno producer and DJ from Chicago, and owner of contemporary record companies Sin Factory, Nacht, and Nemesis. Sinz began his career musical at about the same time as Chicago’s house music found its place in the world of dance music. At the time, he was renowned for being one of the only DJ’s known to remix live on stage using four decks. Ricky Sinz has played in clubs such as Panorama bar, Berghain, Ministry of Sound, Tresor, The Eclipse, Edge, Shelley’s Laserdome, Sterns Nightclub, Heaven, Sir Henry’s in Cork, Ireland & Angels and The Hacienda, as well as raves for Fantazia, Dreamscape, NASA and Amnesia House.

He also launches warehouse events across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and continues to fill the rooms in Europe, England, Central America and South America. He will be spinning live for Techno City on April 7th at V10 in Bienne Switzerland.

Currently Ricky Sinz’s latest release is a house track entitled “A Little History” (feat. Eddie Amador). Sinz’s project indisputably delivers on his reputation as a master of innovative house, and you will find yourself putting this track on repeat.

This is Sinz producing a minimal house banger and expressing himself as he hears the music in his head, and he arguably does a great job at that.There is a cinematic quality to the narrative. There is a story to be told, a journey into a world full of consideration for the history of dance, full of bass driven beauty and percussive perfectionism.

The track as a whole feels very alive, and the quality of production on this track is second to none. Ricky Sinz proves to be a maestro at twiddling the knobs and controls, and I am not quite sure if too many have come close to what he has delivered here in terms of minimal beauty. The formal structure and sheer smoothness of the sounds from minute 1 to 6 is how this genre of music should be heard in the preset age.

Throughout “A Little History” (feat. Eddie Amador), Ricky Sinz showcases his manipulation of not only rhythm and volume, but the spatial dimensions and depth of sound as well. The importance of what can be heard in the sound spectrum, is equal to what shouldn’t be heard. Hence the track’s sounds are pure and pristine, unhindered by the overuse of effects or superfluous noise. Ricky Sinz obviously holds his fans in high regard, and therefore has set the bar high for himself.


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