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Marvin Bloc is a self-taught electronic music producer from Staffordshire, England. Due to limited funds, Marvin, for many years only had access to a popular DAW and a handful of soft synths with which to create music. These limited tools however, encouraged him to experiment more with different sounds and styles. Recorded when his was in his twenties, Marvin retains that the single “Stimulus”, was one of the few gems that came out of this era of his life. It’s 2019, and the electronic music market is a crowded one. The dominating presence of platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify has had an undeniable impact on independently made music, making it both easier, and harder, for talented artists like Marvin Bloc to carve out an identity in such a cluttered landscape.

However, once given the chance to sit down and listen to the whole track, I was utterly blown away by how much I enjoyed it, even the intro captivated me. Staying true to the classic synth sounds and production techniques his equipment and budget would allow, Marvin Bloc tells an incredibly cohesive story, which radiates an intense feeling of nostalgia on “Stimulus”.

The robotic vocoder effects throughout the song feel so familiar, and yet are completely fresh and exciting. Marvin Bloc’s strength seems to be his ability to infuse his music with groove; amidst the bevy of synths and driving bass, the music never pales to clinical aesthetics. But it doesn’t stop there.

People often still complain about electronic music, for all sorts of reasons, some going as far as calling it cold, insensitive music because of its reliance on computer mechanics and synthesizers rather than a composition of organic instruments. But if you want to prove EDM has soul, look no further than “Stimulus”.

It transforms what at the surface seems like a driving dance-floor arrangement into a glowing sonic journey. The drum work on the song is impressive and will surely have you tapping your feet, as dance along to the bass-heavy rhythm.

The tune drops an auditory and almost visual journey. There are no crystalline clear words to sing to, but the robotic-styled melody will keeping you humming along, as you find yourself immersed in the track’s impressive ability to encapsulate its listeners within a robust, thickly layered beat.

If you’re not on the dance-floor for some obscure reason, then clutch your headphones and close your eyes – you will be transported to another dimension. There is no secret to the effectiveness of uplifting electronic music on the human brain – the driving ambience is encouraging to most ears.

However when you add into the equation, elements like raw groove and soulfulness, as Marvin Bloc has done, it simply escalates the enjoyment factor. The song “Stimulus”, just lifts you up and makes you feel powerful. It ignites a sense of hope that you may not even realize you needed. It’s a solid track all around, and an important one for Marvin Bloc.


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