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Devin Sunshine is a singer-songwriter from Orange County, California. She writes, records, produces, and mixes her own musical creations. Her latest track – a cover of Mac Miller’s “Come Back To Earth” is my first exposure to Devin.  The first thing that struck me was her uniquely bewitching voice. Then running through her catalog, the feel you get from her songs is all over the place. Some of her tracks have a gentle feel to them, some are enchantingly haunting, and some are tender, while others are edgier. Some are even all of those things together.

She raps, she sings, she sometimes uses the spoken work, but almost all of her songs are fantastic, especially with the unique lilt in her voice that fits so perfectly into her eclectic musical backdrops. If there’s one great thing to say about Devin Sunshine, it’s that she will keep you guessing with her songs.

Devon’s voice is pliable. It sounds sensitive and empathetic on “Come Back To Earth”, while the artist’s restless exploratory impulses are contained within the relatively unconventional song structure, with compelling results. Here, the organic sounding instrumentation gently builds on, and fills out the melody, rather than hijacking and dominating it.

Devin Sunshine performs as if she beams in from another dimension, one not bound by our clichéd conventions of song craft. A place where tempos fluctuate, melodies shapeshift, verses can unfold forever and choruses are elusive. Therein lies the beauty of Devin’s performances.

She’s like no one else that came before her, with an artistic vision that’s deeply rooted and clearly focused, and an adventurous spirit that runs rings around most of her contemporaries. As a result, her catalog overflows with interesting and unconventional songs, as well as covers such as “Come Back To Earth” that nonetheless feel comforting and familiar.

The track opens with a wistful vocal, and unravels into a piece of art that reminds us why it’s still fashionable to be a songwriter. The shimmering down strum of the guitar, and the warm keys is such a pure way to push the momentum of the record, which remains graceful, undisturbed and utterly resonant throughout.

Devin Sunshine’s voice is memorable and comforting as it slips through the gleaming chords like slivers of sunlight, defying genre and eschewing styles. She wields it with certainty and intent – a voice that draws you in effortlessly.

Devin’s interpretation of “Come Back To Earth”, is stylistically similar to Mac’s but nuanced differently, as she infuses her own personality into this beautifully sad tale of trying to escape your demons:  “My regrets look just like texts I shouldn’t send. And I got neighbors, they’re more like strangers. We could be friends. I just need a way out of my head. I’ll do anything for a way out. Of my head.”

The combination of Devin Sunshine’s vocal finesse and storytelling ability make her a compelling new force in indie music.


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