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As the months pass slowly into years, it becomes increasingly plain to all concerned that Danish electronic music producer, Mortinus is taking his craft very seriously. He has been extraordinarily prolific and has maintained an enviable level of quality in his releases. When approaching his two singles “Star Chariot (Yellow Odyssey)” and “Oceania” the question that arises is how will Mortinus sound fare in the altered musical terrain of 2020? Well the two new singles, are fine examples of some of the best ambient, chillout, downtempo and cinematic instrumental music being made today.

Mortinus’ sound is alive and well, and his trademark luscious basslines, and infinitely deep percussion has been joined by stirringly orchestrated horns and strings, resulting in his richest sound palette yet recorded.

There can be no doubt that Mortinus is very good at what he does. There is also a satisfying professionalism that leaves the listener with a refreshing cosmopolitan buzz. Sometimes the ever-shifting musical landscape can make the listener pause to consider where a returning artist exactly fits in.

Mortinus’ prepossessing, gently beatific music first appeared a couple of years ago, and each subsequent release has seen him navigate his sounds with a calm authority and quiet modesty.

There’s a sense with “Star Chariot (Yellow Odyssey)” and “Oceania” that Mortinus has consciously tried to do something different, delivering something a little distanced from his other work, without sacrificing his core principles.  Few artists write instrumentals that stick to your brain like flies to food. Mortinus is filled with such a talent, which is evident in the epic sound of “Oceania”.

The producer understands the power of simplicity, consistently creating with a linear touch and a fully textured soul. His music is confident and easy like a Sunday morning, complete with richly resonating horns, and crisp percussion on “Oceania” which inevitably inspires much humming and head nodding.

Mortinus seems to be able to create atmospheres of sound which although at first seem somewhat simplistic, are actually quite deep and entrancing. “Oceania” also has the strange quality of being really ominously epic and yet really relaxing at the same time.

If you’re looking for cleverly structured, tightly played, wonderfully enchanting music that avoids the boringly tropes that sink many of the current flood of instrumental electronic tracks, look no further than “Star Chariot (Yellow Odyssey)”.

Mortinus’ skills as a serious ambient and downtempo innovator get the make-over with the underlying complexity which augments on this track, without destroying the melodic content. The end result? A song you’ll play over and over again because you keep finding more and more layers behind its inherently catchy tune.

Mortinus keeps making high-class tracks that draw you back for more. This is what meticulously crafted and beautifully atmospheric studio music is all about. I definitely found “Star Chariot (Yellow Odyssey)” and “Oceania” to be more mature in structure and sound, than any of Mortinus’ previous releases.

The tracks are poetic in a more sophisticated way. The sounds and instruments are authentic, vivid and evoke an ethereal depth, lucidity, and timelessness. Both of these songs are virtually flawless, flowing from front to back with an effortless harmony that has to be heard. This is what the beautiful world of electronic music sounds like.



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