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Fearless and uncompromising, Stiff Lauren is back to deliver a triumphant track about having faith in yourself no matter what. Stiff Lauren is a hip-hop artist who is no stranger to speaking what’s on his mind. Since he hit the scene, he’s never been one to hold his tongue or been one to fear throwing the first punch. Whether or not you’ve followed Stiff from the beginning, one thing has been apparent through the highs and the lows: he’s talented and confident – his latest single “Faith In Me” is a perfect example of that.

Stiff Lauren once again takes the industry by the horns with this song, and is ready to propel his career up yet another level. The rapper has crafted a track that surpasses his peers, and regardless of your opinion on him, there is no denying that Stiff Lauren is something special.

The overall production of the track is superb, it’s polished and crisp, delivering a true hip-hop experience. This helps deliver the experience in a well-rounded fashion, it never feels cluttered with too many sounds or layers of instrumentation, it’s a masterclass of artistic taste. “Faith In Me” demonstrates that Stiff Lauren isn’t just a emcee, but an artistic visionary.

Stiff Lauren can be compared to number of well-known resonant voices in the game, however he’s a different beast entirely. Not only does he demonstrate his ear for sound on but his ability to write music.

Stiff can deliver a catchy song without compromising his integrity for radio-play or to be a mainstream artist, in fact his songs appear to be effortlessly written while still appealing to either side of the spectrum- the hardcore Hip-Hop fans and those who enjoy the Top 40 hits.

“Faith In Me” is a prime example of this. It features Stiff Lauren delivering a pure Rap experience over a driving beat only to be fused with a brilliant chorus which enhances the song, while crossing that line of being just being one thing or the other. The inspired beat swirls, pulsates and bounces while Stiff growls and spits his rhymes with ease.

Stiff Lauren is a versatile artist. His sound is both old school and contemporary, he is the embodiment of creativity. His entire vocal performance is spot on, his voice is his weapon of choice and boy is it deadly.

Unlike these other of-the-moment stars, Stiff demands the spotlight with minimalist back tracks that focus on his fast and resonating lines. Littered with loads of assonance, consonance and every kind of literary device imaginable, he proves that he can spit eloquently.

Stiff Lauren has managed to create a brand new track that was worth the wait. The music industry is a battleground for established major label artists, let alone unsigned, underground grinders like himself. But Stiff holds his own, and shows that it’s a war he can easily fight and quite possibly win. “Faith In Me” is an honest experience, it’s Stiff Lauren in beast mode, and just like the individual himself, it’s positive and enthralling.


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