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Nahash Wizdom is an up and coming hip-hop voice, out of Central Illinois. His latest single “I’m So Broke”, taken from the album “Grown Folks Muzik”, captures the effects of the financial strain brought on by the pandemic. Wizdom’s music fosters a focused listening experience, as opposed to a hearing experience. Right off the cuff, it’s clear that Nahash Wizdom isn’t about gangster shit, substance abuse, pussy talk, or any of the other hedonistic tropes that have taken over in rap, in this song. That makes him an interesting dark horse to ride in the opposite direction of where popular rap is heading.

Nahash Wizdom is concerned about the daily issues and struggles that can cause social devastation in the long term. “I’m So Broke” is particularly focused on the effects of severe financial issues in the face of loan repayments, mortgages and utility bills. Immediately he lets everyone know he’s in tune with what’s happening in the world today.

“I’m just like you boy, I struggle every day. I’m Just like you girl, I’m trying to find me way. I’m tryna figure out how I’m gonna eat. The game’s so cold, make a man grit his teeth. Just another summer with your lights cut off. Thinking, how I get here, how the hell I fall off,” sings Nahash Wizdom. These are words that reflect the daily situations of many people, and hence will have a powerful resonance with listeners.

Over and above the skill of riding a beat, Nahash Wizdom has a tuneful voice that can carry a melody with ease. In “I’m So Broke” he puts both of those talents to task with equal success. Showing that he is a unique talent able to comfortably hang with the handful of his peers who possess that same dexterity. Wizdom goes places where probably 99% of today’s rappers don’t have the empathy, consciousness, or skill to follow.

Another aspect that keeps “I’m So Broke” ahead of the pack, is its production. Its smart, sophisticated, soulful and jazzy, matching Nahash Wizdom’s every move. Considering that the track defines Wizdom’s flow and caliber as a remarkable lyricist in hip-hop, that’s a mean feat in itself.

“I’m So Broke” immediately immerses the listener in an atmosphere of tension and unease as Wizdom tries to explain his way out a late debt payment. Underneath, the music maintains a sense of grounded tranquility.

In amidst the struggle and strife, Nahash Wizdom keeps his analytical mind, and self-reflection focused, eschewing any self-pity. “Is it me or is these hatin’ people slowing me down?” he asks. “Ima blame it on myself because I live my own life,” is his answer.

It shows the inner craft of a true artist who wants to give his fans, from start to finish, himself and what he is about. Nahash Wizdom has all the attributes for making it big. He only needs to remain confident in himself and his vision, and ensure that his music speaks his heart and his experiences.


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