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Virtuoso jazz guitarist Odd-Arne Jacobsen continues his enchanting combinations of solo acoustic music, in his latest EP, “Love has increased with the passing of time”. On this recording, Jacobsen has taken three classic compositions in their own right, and recreated them with his own personal harmonic and rhythmic modifications. The virtuoso player exercises his endless curiosity and sensibility as a musician and guitarist. He does so incrementally as the mood hits him, translating his own inspired feelings, track after track.

“Love has increased with the passing of time” pours through the vastness of Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s talent, taking all the time in the world, like a passionate lover, stopping at various points to pluck out a heartfelt, intense revelations. Anyone familiar with the work of Odd-Arne Jacobsen knows that when they listen to one of his performances they are in presence of a true artistic craftsman. The resulting communication of essential sentiments through his playing is immediate and long-lasting.

Much like many other great artists, Odd-Arne Jacobsen continues to challenge himself, creating recordings which have greater depth and more understanding of his chosen medium as he explores the possibilities of the unaccompanied acoustic guitar.

Jacobsen’s insightful melodic understanding, complimented by his creative harmonic knowledge, gives one the impression that whichever piece he re-interprets, was written specifically for him by that composer. Such is the case with “I Hope It`s Spring For You” originally composed by the Swedish Baritone saxophonist, composer and pianist Lars Gullin.

None of this would be possible without his exquisite technical ability. Truly gifted as an artist, he uses his talent to perform music which is consummately beautiful. As with the carefully played “Manha De Carnaval”, which first appeared as a principal theme in the 1959 romantic-tragedy, Portuguese-language film Orfeu Negro.

The award-winning composition, regarded as a song that helped establish the Bossa Nova movement in the late 1950s, has since become a jazz standard. Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s treatment of the composition is gracefully elegant and compellingly moving.

To use analogy again, Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s playing has meaningful, cohesive lines similar to exquisite works of architecture. It exists in aesthetic splendor. “Here There and Everywhere” sees Jacobsen put his own personal spin on a Lennon-McCartney composition.

“I want her everywhere. And if she’s beside me I know I need never care. But to love her is to need her everywhere. Knowing that love is to share,” reads the lyrics. And it’s that devotion and chemistry, which Odd-Arne Jacobsen attempts to bring forth in his interpretation.

A true master of the fret board who knows every chord interpretation for every chord change. Odd-Arne Jacobsen can make the music transcend the listeners conscious. Anyone who appreciates fine music will resonate with his candor, sensitivity, and sense of dedication to his craft.

“Love has increased with the passing of time” is a recording by a remarkable artist, in full stride, doing what he loves best, to the utmost of his extraordinary ability.



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