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No real universal points of absolute demarcation can be referenced to pigeonhole The Impersonators with one definitive sound when discussing the duo’s musical direction; this is a project that looks forward and backward in order to blend previous strengths with new twists in arrangement, performance and instrumentation.  “Cloud Nine”, their latest single is fully amplified, somewhat lushly orchestrated, and displays production values that are grittily burnished to a glossy sheen. Sustained explosive, fluidly-strummed, agilely percussive, the steady burn of this track infects the atmosphere with both a positive hopeful buoyancy, and a haunting, wistful atmosphere.

The energy and appeal of the music on “Cloud Nine” is stunning. Certainly, the inspiration is exceptional, but the quality of musicianship, lyrics, and vocals presented by The Impersonators is stunning and perfectionistic in attitude.  The song serves to evoke a very healthy construct of self and what it means to interact on a higher level of emotion with your love interest.

This track triumphs due to the utterly timeless songwriting, and the fact that the duo don’t waste any time hitting their stride. This instant accessibility generally rings true throughout the entire track.

Comprising of Tom Tikka – a former Sony/BMG signee with Carmen Gray, one of Finland’s finest rock bands – and lyricist Antti Autio, The Impersonators dish out extremely catchy and relatable alt-pop. Their songs have a strong focal point, memorable choruses, and a genuine sense of progression.

The result is a strong pop record with more depth and ambition than even the song title would suggest. “Cloud Nine”, as a whole fulfils it concept well, repurposing the love song with range and sophistication. For me, another highlight of The Impersonators sound is the superb backing vocals and harmonies.

The harmonies on “Cloud Nine” bring the song to life, making the choruses soar, taking them to a new level. With the lead vocals unmistakably at the center-point of The Impersonators sound, the backing vocals help to prove its importance.

The two track single, which also delivers the song in an extended version, is chock full of muted chugging guitars, an infectious melody, and effective song writing. Similarly to the guitars, the drumming and bass work are both effective and tight, as they serve to add both rhythm and extra depth to the music. “Cloud Nine’s” greatest strengths, however, lie in the emotion it conjures up.

This is one of those songs that never gets tiring. The vocals, the lyrics and the music, avoid coming off as boring and cheesy, no matter how many times you hit the play button straight in a row.

In fact, “Cloud Nine” intrigues me because of how The Impersonators can create an immediately catchy track and still have enough depth to make me want to listen to it continually, and then discover new little instrumental nuances in the process. That replay value is really an added bonus in a song that is already a true pleasure to listen to the first time around.


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