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Daye da Kidd’s silky voice is naturally laidback and mesmerizing on “Mana” (Prod. Guillermo). So is the voice of feature, Bang Bizzy. Put them together on a hazy ambient-styled beat, and you’re likely to end up intoxicated. Of course nothing goes better with a bowl of fresh greens than the smooth flow of rap. Talk about great vibes. This rap’s smooth feeling is like no other. The soothing tone of the angelic beat provide us with perfect music while we chill.

The strongest smelling strain of cannabis, has been rumored to excite the female anatomy with a simple whiff of the overpowering savory goodness. Now let her bask in the refreshing sensation of the sound of “Mana” (Prod. Guillermo), together with the smell of the smoke you’re exhaling. It emanates a spiritual and healing power that will permeate the atmosphere.

The chemistry between Daye da Kidd’s and Bang Bizzy brings a luxuriously laidback vibe. Every now and then the flows switch up and down and the energy levels rise and fall, while the beat maintains a repetitive mantra to keep you hypnotized.

“Mana” (Prod. Guillermo) is a shimmering and lavish cut which moves forward on cruise control, until the skittering trap-styled hi-hats, meet the persuasive 808 percussion, which fades in and out of the track. The intensity and volume come and go in bursts, pushing and pulling on the listeners’ attention span from the twinkling keys.

Yet amidst the percussive shifts, Daye da Kidd stays perpetually cool and constant, demonstrating a presence few other rappers have, without raising his voice. He portrays himself succinctly, with your ears wanting to get lost in the sweet noise.

Daye da Kidd sing-talk style and swagger-with-a-side-of-understated-control demand attention. Daye da Kidd compelling performance doesn’t try to outshine his guest’s lines, Together Daye da Kidd and Bang Bizzy chug along perfectly to the beat’s slow, wavy quality.

That kind of sacrifice by an emcee for the sake of cohesion is ultra-rare, yet the two do it with ease. Together they make deep connections, meaningfully engaging the production. This is not your mainstream prototypical rap celebration. It’s something more sublime.

Not only does that help the artists’ credibility, but it shows them forging their own ideas about what makes independent rap truly appealing. It’s subtle, but there’s something profound to their dealings. There is nothing seriously at stake in “Mana” (Prod. Guillermo).

No one gets too worked up. Everyone has a good time sharing a story. When the track is over, we all exit the den. When Daye da Kidd and Bang Bizzy return soon, with another release, we’ll all find our way to our particular spots on the couch, light up, and settle in. It’s always a pleasure chilling to this kind of sound.

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