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Jeffrey Zheng, better known as Onthehill/Lil Zheng, is a young talent born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He has successfully completed two albums, “Jefferson Zheng” and “Feelings”, while his singles “3N”, “Yves Highrise” and “Ride or Die” have been raking in streams on Soundcloud and Spotify respectively. Currently, as Onthehill, he is riding high with the single “My Mind” ft. Elias Price. Almost any rapper can be heard if they’re hollering in your ear, but a skillful emcee is able to play it chill and still make an impression. There are a few new artists that represent that laid back flow perfectly.

Opting to create a skillful vibe-filled flow, over the regular bombast and hype, Onthehill creates a laid-back atmosphere which is completed by sultry pianos and thoughtful percussion. He has the type of vocal that could easily play off both upbeat and downbeat songs. “My Mind” is a perfect distillation of the rapper’s approach to his craft, and is balanced out by the chilled and mellifluous assistance of Elias Price.

The captivating sentimental storytelling that Onthehill displays on “My Mind” ft. Elias Price, is an amalgam of perfectly put together phrases and delivering them with an effortless flow. The track demonstrates a rare and fluid way with both melody and when to use it and when not to. Onthehill shows impeccable taste and can really speak with clean meaningful words.

Onthehill shows himself way ahead of the curve – such a fluid rapper completely in control of his language and voice. There’s an intelligence to his raps which eschews misogyny, and totally avoids words like ‘hoe’ and ‘bitch’, which many would have used here. Onthehill shows off his skills creating some delightful sounds. The track becomes utterly hypnotic, and does this every single time I hear it.

Onthehill is so smooth with his flow yet also utterly impressive. Rarely has such cool word flow, rhythm, rhyme and actual voice been put together in such an understated way, while remaining totally addictive. With “My Mind” ft. Elias Price, you’ll initially think it is simplistic, basic stuff in the worst possible way. The delivery is slow, and measured, and hitting the beat in the most obvious way.

But as the song rolls on, you’ll start to appreciate just how dense Onthehill’s words are. They may be measured, slow and steady, but they are also relentless and constant, never letting up for a moment. It’s as if these words pierce your subconscious, without you even noticing it.

In a genre notorious for its vulgarity, Onthehill offers us the opportunity to call “My Mind” ft. Elias Price, beautiful, and crafted with the intention to offend no-one, instead bringing love, romance and introspective sentiments.

If you have any serious sensibilities, Onthehill and Elias Price are bound to win your heart through your headphones or earbuds. You won’t be able to resist a set of artists with voices smoother than syrup. And I dare you not to tap your toes or nod your head to that slow-burning melody and beat.


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