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FinalBossFight! Is made up of John Coote, Chris Kelly and Sage Denam. The punk rock trio currently have two singles out, their debut being “Spitney Beers”. It’s clear from the start that the trio has wisely eschewed the snotty pop-punk that launched many of their peers in the early 2000’s and have set their own sonic equalizer to the full-throated, gravel and dust of alternative rock mixed with all the cocky and catchy punk flavorings. FinalBossFight! leans into their hard edge with a track that absorbs all the bravado of their playing and singing.

From start to finish, “Spitney Beers” exudes all the smart braggadocio of a band in total control. The production, engineering, and mixing, explodes the full-bore rev of a high-powered engine. The track’s crisp execution belongs not only to FinalBossFight!’s myriad of musical influences, but to the incredibly tight arrangement and well-designed instrumentation that showcases the individual contributions of every band member. The meticulous attention to details and fine-tuned aggression brings a hard-won confidence and swagger to the track.

This in no way sounds like a debut, but like a band in full momentum. The band doesn’t bother with any silly posturing, but is more occupied with displaying its musical muscularity.  “Spitney Beers” gets right to the point, presenting a band that’s already mastered the art of bottling its restraint and knowing when to smash it against the wall.

Following a swell of overdriven guitar, the punishing drum work and pulsing bass set a foot-stomping rhythm for the soaring vocals to slide into. Once the driving guitar sets the momentum, the song’s battery of teasing crescendos and high-octane build-ups takeover, to keep up the musical onslaught. The just over three minute runtime, provides the right amount of time to savor but not tire of “Spitney Beers” focused intensity.

“Spitney Beers” is everything that punk rock has not been in a while. The heavy riffs and guitar solos are back. The political angst is palpable. The songwriting is tight, punchy, and infectious, as FinalBossFight! do everything they can, to deliver heavy guitars riffs, catchy vocals, and a banging rhythm. Right from the start, the song feels like it has a purpose and builds to something rewarding.

The aforementioned elements, are all things that have long been buried in the genre’s past, but here FinalBossFight! pull every trick out of the bag to give us another exhaustive, thrilling punk rock experience. “Spitney Beers” is a designed crowd-pleaser – from the music to the lyrics, and the vocals, everything just fits. That’s a feeling that punk fans haven’t had in a long, long time. FinalBossFight! certainly qualifies as a pleasant surprise.

FinalBossFight! Have proven that there’s still a lot left in the genre’s tank. The hope is obviously that the band can continue to bathe in the glorious fountain of punk legacy, and turn out more engaging records like “Spitney Beers”. However, even if this ends up being a one-off gem, it’s one more excellent punk record than anyone expected on a debut in 2020.


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