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Slincraze started touring when he was 14 years old. He had just played at Sami Grand Prix (Basically the Sami Eurovison) and that was his first “official” gig! For a few years he grinded and when he was 16-17 all that work seemed to pay off. He was playing concerts, earning money, had big record labels offering him deals, life was smiling at him.

But at some point something changed, he started to struggle with depression and became absent, basically throwing away all opportunities coming his way. He still kept playing concerts and doing events but just didn’t find any joy in it, at that point he was just doing it to stay afloat financially.

Then one day Slincraze’s mom called, and told him his father had passed away. Naturally he was crushed. He had promised his dad that he would make an album he could listen to, but he just never got his shit together to do it. Slincraze remembers going back home and he wrote like crazy, and 3 or so months later, his first album was done.

“I think the pressure of being a “role model” and such, got me and I let it dampen my interest in music,” explains Slincraze. “I’ve always had ambitions, but for some time I lost the joy in music. Now, 15 years after, my motivation is back and I love making music again.” Slincraze has now released his latest single, entitled “Ambitions” ft. Damien.


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