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Radio Club is a Hip-Hop Group composed of Sunny B and James Duer from Northern California, mostly in Sacramento and the Bay Area. On their latest single, “Hope You Doin Bad” we hear the duo’s strongest, most polished melodies on display, while the record feels manufactured to chart as high as possible. The song’s clever lyrics also enhances what Radio Club do best. The vocals croon infectiously, over beautifully tender piano, and with lines that elicit emotional connection. The inventive melody is consistently present and strengthened even more by Radio Club knack for hooks. All of which proves to be compelling enough to keep you engaged.

“Hope You Doin Bad” is sure to guarantee high-impact riches. Radio Club’s poppy touch and cross-genre deftness tell a similar story to those of their more popular peers, whose own crooning, and pop-friendly sounds have propelled them to the top of the hip-hop food chain. Radio Club is making a strong case for a similar lane, albeit less riddled with overwhelming angst, crocodile tears and Styrofoam cups.

As long as this generation still craves the consumption for emotional and relatable lyrics on top of gritty and trap inspired beats, I think Radio Club will be staying around for a while. Being a sucker for this genre of music is pretty mainstream in this generation, and the song can easily be solidified as a potential hit. It seems most appealing to the public ear with its excruciatingly catchy hook, “Hope You Doin Bad”. I can’t lie, I love the song.

Not only is it catchy and I think Radio Club did an amazing job with just about every aspect of the song – the production, the arrangement, the lyrics and the vocals. If you aren’t a fan of songs about relationships – good or bad – this might be a great place to start. Especially if you’re the vindictive type. The smooth and soulful vocals go along great with the sleek and creative wordplay, in an onslaught of pure emotion whose sincerity is never in question.

Hope You Doin Bad” is calculated enough and stream-of-consciousness enough to serve as the prototypical Radio Club vibe. It’s an ode to a love depression that worms its way into your head by the insidious melody, and also through the slamming beat, and by sheer blunt force.

At any point along this song, you’re fully aware that this is quality music on any objective scale. When Radio Club lean fully into their inner affecting crooner style, as they do on “Hope You Doin Bad”, it yields one of the catchiest tracks and strongest melodies of the new year so far.



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