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How do you blend the big band sound, with cinematic electronics and guitar pyrotechnics? You infuse the influences of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and Robert Cray, with The Brian Setzer Orchestra and allow it to instill and mature in the mindset of an Alaska based musician, Indiana native, father, husband, and guitar player who goes by the project name of The Jake Stutsman Band. The proof of the materialization of the aforementioned amalgam can be savored in the single “Drifter”. Guitarist Jake Stutsman arrived at this project via concert band experience and a 3-piece instrumental progressive rock band, called Sonic Karma which he founded with school mates.

Balancing between big-room melodic electronics and old-school guitar progressions, “Drifter” delivers a vast range of nuances that will satisfy your needs. Embracing the current trends in EDM to utilizing non-electronic elements, such as the electric guitar, the single builds into a full-blown orchestrated anthem.

Stretching just over 3-minutes, the instrumental track settles into a driving groove, where the guitar melody arrangements allow for breathing room between the massive synth and percussive peaks.

There was much excitement and a high level of expectation when I first loaded this single into the player, especially during this time of an ever changing musical expectation from the rise of lesser known underground artists.  What can we expect from this single? Well for starters “Drifter” exceeds expectations, as The Jake Stutsman Band captivates, intrigues and moves the listeners to new sonic heights with an unusual blend of styles and genres on one single track.

The song comes alive with the strong guitar voicings enclosed around inspiring chord progressions and a very uplifting bass line. Intense and euphoric; “Drifter” emblematizes the artistic diligence that ceaselessly drives Stutsman throughout this project.

And is ample proof of the artist’s exhaustive commitment to his craft. The dexterity of Jake Stutsman’s production, paired with his acute ear for the radio-driven maximalist sound that befits today’s airwaves are apparent on this track.

Neatly packaged alongside the aforementioned elements, “Drifter” also exudes Stutman’s affinity for the larger-than-life instrumental domination that resides on this track. And with the same stroke of his pen, Jake Stutsman effortlessly turns the musical tables with inclusions that scale modern guitar music’s stylistic continuum.

The delight of “Drifter” is the question that it begs: does The Jake Stutsman Band have a sonic comfort zone? If it does, it’s nearly impossible to discern along the chromatic length of this nuanced single.

From the fiery guitar plucks to the thumping percussive motifs and the gargantuan synth-lines, Jake Stutsman proves he trembles at the foot of no aural opportunity. With its broad assembly of sonic elements, anthemic chord progressions, instrumental constructions, and ear-catching concepts and guitar hooks – across this studio showing – resonate poignantly or spike listeners’ adrenaline (often both successively).

“Drifter” is proof not only of The Jake Stutsman Band’s creativity, but also of the artist’s absolute performance ardor. Sheer talent and hard work are keywords here.



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