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Rare Phantom is a multi-genre artist from Boston with a particular affection for R&B/Hip-hop. His image and persona draws people’s attention and makes them curious to see what he stands for. However, his message, is to show that one cannot be defined by image alone, and that we need to look a whole lot deeper to understand or judge people. Individuality and self-expression, are keywords in Rare Phantom’s vocabulary, and are values he strives to communicate and pass on to his audience. Currently he is pushing his single, “Blistering Luv” produced by CURTI$Y.

Rare Phantom’s blend of straight-talking, blunt content and evanescent delivery carries this track effortlessly. “Blistering Luv” shrugs off any platitudinous pondering of lust and relationships with its bittersweet melody, and twisty sing-song delivery.

It highlights Rare Phantom’s quaint and trendy technical stylings as a rapper, but also his unerring instinct for what will cut through the noise in the car, at the supermarket, during a party, or long afterwards in the late-night hours.

Rare Phantom’s proves his melodic capacity to be significantly more expansive than many of his contemporaries, and more in line with some of his peers, who have sadly passed on in the last couple of years.

Melding pop, hip-hop and modern R&B into one frothy whole, you’d assume that his body tats and unique fashion sense would point toward Rare Phantom having a hard rapper’s demeanor, yet his mellifluous voice is as smooth as his nonthreatening face, and just as welcoming.

On “Blistering Luv”, he shows how cleverly he’s honed and chopped away at this composition. Beyond lover-boy romanticism, there’s ruminating introspection to be found on this track. “You can see sparks fly, when our worlds collide. Your love is my drug, overdose on your eyes. Baby fuck suicide, and let me get all inside.” He sounds determined to make the song a complete emotional experience, with a committed vocal performance.

The production is glimmery smooth in the background, as Rare Phantom’s sustained vocal range continues to croon outspoken lyrics into the ear: “When you need me, you know for you imma slide. Kill that pussy all for you and promise I’ll fucking die. Not like these other dudes.”

Trap’s machine-induced rhythm, and R&B’s tonal smearing combine for a hypnotic experience, as the music streams into your veins. With pathos and narrative detail, Rare Phantom pulls you into his world, on “Blistering Luv”.

Overall, “Blistering Luv” is a great little piece of work, though brief and to the point, in just over two minutes. But that’s about all the time Rare Phantom needs to cut to the core of his narrative.  His voice is subtly impacting and completely desirable.

Refusing to conform to notions of who he should be, the talent of Rare Phantom stems not only from his vocal capabilities, but from his focused vision, which he smartly shapes into lyrics. He seems to be shedding the stereotypes and clichés that frequently inhabit this genre.


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