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“Dream On” is the debut single from the new band The Velvet Rocks, based in Munich, Germany. American/Russian singer Dmitry Iogman, Gustavo Castillo Estrada from Mexico and the German/Italian singer Sandro Schmalzl will take you on an unheard of and unexpected ride, combining the genre of rock with classical music.

The beauty of their operatic voices unite with rock music and a Queen-like guitar solo in this all-time favorite hit rock song from 1982, originally performed by Nazareth.

The Velvet Rocks are produced by the musical genius Christian Lohr. Sandro, Gustavo and Dmitry studied together and started The Velvet Rocks in 2016. Since then they have been working on their crossover sound combining rock and classical music.

In crazy times like ours where people dream of being together and share, The Velvet Rocks are the proof that diverse worlds can fuse.

Three singers from Russia/USA, Mexico and Germany/Italy trust that music is boundless. “Dream On” is the first release, stay tuned for more songs and videos until the album will be released in early 2021.


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