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Reezie Fettachini typically makes incredibly energetic music, great for a concert or club setting. He also provides substantive song topics and witty lyrics. He typically uses machine gun flows, and banging production, which is common in the sphere of impacting rap, but Fetti adds a bit of a unique flavor to it, which causes him to stand out.  Currently the artist is coming out with his album “The Blue Print” of which we caught the lead single of the same name.

The rate at which Reezie Fettachini has been releasing projects is no surprise, as it means he is focused on his business. What stands out about his work is how tight his catalog is, as it seems that with each project, he’s pushing for a better sound. From “War” to “Toxic” and “The Man”, Fetti has had a busy 2021. Now he brings us “The Blue Print”, to make sure he stays on the radar.

Reezie Fettachini is one of the better lyricists in the current crop of rappers. Plus his rhyme schemes are impressive. Fetti makes sure to grab your attention throughout “The Blue Print”, and with his powerful energy, it’s easy to see this project having high replay value. It seems that the quality of his music is as strong as ever. The prolific rate that he releases music has no effect on his artistic ability at all.

Using crushed synths and blocks of bass to create a dark and compelling atmosphere, Reezie Fettachini sounds utterly confident and unbothered about anyone’s esteem but his own. This project packs a hard punch.

Fetti’s lines overlap and blend into each other as he hits break neck speed. The heavy, brooding bass and mesmerizing tempo, synchronizes perfectly with Fetti’s razor-sharp rhymes and snappy quips. It’s a visceral burst of energy that reaffirms the rapper’s skillset.

The track oozes with a synthesis of skillful lyrics and a hypnotic beat. The production fuels Reezie Fettachini’s fire and turns him into a lyrical monster with the ferocity of a dueling Spartan. The speed of his flow is very similar to that of a handful of his legendary peers. At this rate, he could well hone his craft to become one of Dallas’ hottest underground exports. It’s a radically virulent track, with Fetti coming right out the gate on his best foot.

The production on this track is incredible; a crisp, thick beat with a booming low-end that bring the vocals to life. A hard hitting foundation with a shattering 808 built for the occasion. It’s really hard to fault “The Blue Print” because of its production and lyrical dexterity.

With time to explore different styles, Reezie Fettachini could soon be celebrated on a worldwide scale. In the meantime “The Blue Print” reiterates Fetti’s ability to combine stunning technical talent with memorable lyricism. Reezie Fettachini is thrusting his best foot forward and onto the scene, escalating the expected quality in the underground rap game. Something that, these days, is very much needed.

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