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The artist, Romero Gulley aka Romero Say10 was born and raised in Akron, OH. He started writing at the tender age of 6, then completed his first song at 9, and would later-  after learning about home recording from an older cousin – go on to record his first song at the age of 13. At 16 the precocious talent put together his first full project – the mixtape titled “Untamed” which was released via Datpiff, as well as physical copies which was distributed in high school. Now Romero Say10 brings us his single “Eyes Closed”. This track further explores his clearly limitless creative boundaries.

Romero Say10’s deep R&B influenced sing-song raps, flow perfectly with the electro-hip hop beat. The soft piano melodies, skittering hi-hats and supporting 808 styled bass drops, tie the song together perfectly and set a smooth tone for the track. From the jump, you will build a connection with the song. Firstly because of the beat that breaks so nicely on the artist’s flow, and secondly, the laidback vibe which is at once intoxicating.

Romero Say10’s writing is enjoyable to listen to. He’s an astonishing writer who perfectly puts his vocabulary to good use. Fittingly “Eyes Closed” displays his pen game and personal perspective, which is so smooth and spontaneous that it sounds like freestyle done for the love of it.

Many of today biggest hip-hop releases have been crippled by a lack of meaningful content. Once the trendy beat and repetitive hooks fade from memory, there’s nothing left to entice the listener to pull up that song again.

In an era of disposable music, Romero Say10’s is bringing thoughtfulness back to hip-hop. “Eyes Closed” is an exploration of that thoughtfulness, as he goes on a journey of examination, introspection and resolve.

The fluid verses flow like crisp champagne within a mellifluous production layered with surrealist imagery. Romero Say10 has the power to create free-flowing imagery that toys with the listener’s imagination. It’s something that comes naturally to him.

Romero Say10 has a superior skill in channeling his own life experiences and then portraying them through a digestible lyrical account, almost as if the microphone was his personal diary. His lyrics are persistent in offering his vision, but the never comes off as righteous or overbearing, he simply unpacks his mindset. Combined with a unique delivery and versatile flow, he shows off his impressive wordplay capabilities.

While rap and Hip-hop seems to be dominated by visceral, hedonistic expressions of youthful energy, Romero Say10’s music is the decidedly cerebral and emotive other side of the same coin. Rappers like Romero Say10’s, who emphasize a less bombastic style of music, often have a slower climb to the spotlight.

Yet, those same rappers whose subject matter and stylistic choices go against the grain of the mainstream templates, can often attain fan-bases that long outlast their noisier contemporaries. With the release of “Eyes Closed”, Romero Say10 seems to be decidedly on the long-lasting trajectory.


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