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Females working in hip hop have always tended to raise more eyebrows than release authentically good music, and now with the flux of a certain brand of sex-driven hip hop, there seems to be very little to write home about in terms of genuine artistry and competent songwriting within the genre. There were always fears that females would struggle to thrive in a predominantly male-dominated industry as volatile as this. However as in any dominion, there are always exceptions to the norm. A group of femcees who fly the flag for female hip hop, stripping away all the glossy excesses and focusing on the genre’s core values. In her own way, coming from the underground, RudeGal 4.0 seems to be rocking the boat somewhat.

The most admirable aspect of RudeGal 4.0 is her flow when delivering her rhymes. Aggressive, dark and versatile, with very dynamic beats, she could definitely be on her way to the top of the ladder. The style she rhymes with is also impressive, spitting out profanities one second and then coming across as startlingly thoughtful the next.

As can be heard on her latest single, “Rude As I Wanna Be”, she is always eloquent and charming in a crude rough-and-tumble sort of way. The complexity of her lyrical structure works brilliantly with the style of the atmospheric ambient music. “I am a raw authentic artist,” says the Columbia SC spitter.  “Music is my passion. I don’t consider myself a rapper, I’m a female emcee,” she concludes.

This may come across as a little trite, but it’s true. The final result of RudeGal 4.0’s output, is a groovy tune with lyrics that are equal parts heart and attitude. RudeGal 4.0 proves that the serious hip hop working the underground at the moment, is a whole lot better than the trash-pop rap that continues to flood the charts.

She also demonstrates far more advanced songwriting skills than her peers have been delivering. In fact with “Rude As I Wanna Be”, RudeGal 4.0 has crafted a single that surpasses her peers. There is no denying that she is something special.

Musically, “Rude As I Wanna Be” is a flavored experience. Instrumentally, the beat has been crafted with extreme care, and the intricacies are well-thought out. The overall production is superb, polished and crisp, delivering a true modern hip-hop listening experience, which at its core. The rest is left to RudeGal 4.0’s rapping and lyrical skills, where she doesn’t compromise her vision, instead she executes it to her highest standard.

She spits her rhymes in a smooth flow, snapping and snarling expletives alongside clever word play. RudeGal 4.0 cruises through the lyric sheet, littered with loads of assonance, consonance and every kind of literary device imaginable, her talent jabbing directly at other female rappers.

If it doesn’t achieve anything else, “Rude As I Wanna Be” only ups the confidence in RudeGal 4.0’s ability to steal the spotlight by sheer force. It’s a kickass taste of what’s still to come from the Columbia based female emcee in the near future.

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