Sarantos: “You (just) Don’t Have It” – when worldly riches and captivating physical appearances don’t count

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Sarantos releases a new Pop music video for the track, “You (just) Don’t Have It”, just in time for Halloween. “This is a fun video about a hot rich girl who’s used to getting what she always wants,” says Sarantos. “But for me, she just doesn’t have it. She doesn’t have what my soul desires. She’s not sweet and nice, or humble and innocent. Today’s world is super busy and fast paced but every movie and TV show is full of perfect people acting perfectly and it’s such a poor reflection of the real world. Love is a magical moment in time and is different for everyone. There is no script. There are no rules. There’s nothing wrong with love that’s not perfect because love never is!”


I always thought of Sarantos as more of a great songwriter than a top notch vocalist, but “You (just) Don’t Have It”, shows me a view of Sarantos as a great vocalist and interpreter as well.  He does a lot of styles well, but this is the style at which he seems to be a master.

There is no independent singer, songwriter, or performer out there who can consistently deliver great music like Sarantos does. In the sea of watered down sound that is top 40 radio he has chosen to stand above the masses of sameness and lead by example. The beauty of “You (just) Don’t Have It” is the simplicity of the music. No unnecessary vocal exercises or in-your-face instrumentals to over shadow the clever heartfelt lyrics.

Through the storytelling of finding a girl he likes, Sarantos actually affronts a serious theme such as being true to yourself. He sings about all the beautiful women who are so desperately trying to be perfect in how they look, talk and walk that they come across as fake. He then goes on explaining that all he wants is “a humble human, playful, not lazy, sweet and nice, with passionate eyes…” something almost impossible in a world obsessed with worldly riches and captivating physical appearances.

It seems like Sarantos really found his musical calling on this one, as he divers some delightful lighthearted lyrics over a sumptuously alluring and bouncy melody. “You (just) Don’t Have It” is way superior, more melodic, less intense and self-conscious than anything he has ever done before. Its Sarantos finding his happy place…somewhere on the Top40 charts!

The musicianship is absolutely first rate as always, and again, Sarantos’ voice is better than ever! What more could you ask from a talented guy from Chicago.

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