SHEETS0: “As It Happens” is at once devastatingly gorgeous

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SHEETS0 is an American singer, songwriter, and producer based in California. In 2019 SHEETS0 signed with L. Still Versions and released his debut EP titled As It Happens” on May 10, 2019. The EP’s melodic alt-pop vibe draws inspiration from both contemporary pop and electronic music. SHEETS0 reminds me of no-one else, which is a damn good sign right out of the blocks. He’s kind of mystical, ethereal, and wispy with lots of pleasurable chemicals in the mix. If you’ve been jaded by the same old recipe music from the last couple decades, I highly suggest you try this recording. Every song is replete with new ideas, new melodies, and excellent new lyrical poetry. What I really like is his voice. It’s pretty wonderful – whether in its normal range or in falsetto – it is stunningly impressive. From the moment I hit play on the opening song, As It Happens” exceeded my expectations in every sense.

The electro alt-pop and indie vibes of As It Happens”, mirrors the changing landscape of a musical revolution; the millennials are all grown up and looking for the next big thing, and that could be SHEETS0. His voice possesses an immense range and a smooth, strong falsetto that never sounds out of control; he has a sound that easily becomes iconic and is instantly identifiable.

The lyrics themselves, already vivid and expressive, seem all the more sincere and emotional when carried by SHEETS0’s voice. The opening track “Make It Back” takes it slow, easing the listener into a state of hypnotizing delight with a tropical mid-tempo sensibility.

The synth and vocal work is at once devastatingly gorgeous. SHEETS0’s ascending voice quietly soars into oblivion, taking you along for the ride. “Reason” shows off the singer’s spectacular falsetto over skittering hi-hats and twisting synth lines.

“Mainframe” slows things down to an ephemeral heartbreak rhythm, as SHEETS0’s enchantingly wispy melody draws you into a state of suspended euphoria. Sublime, is the only way to describe this song. “Surrender” marks the turning point of this EP, in terms of tempo and atmosphere.

Here SHEETS0 turns up the pace, and adjusts the backdrop, to include a series of horns and handclaps. You could easily head-nod along this one. Rhythmically, “Show Up” is even more forceful, determined to persuade your body to swing to its momentous sway. SHEETS0’s eccentric lilting voice complements his psychedelic alt-pop style perfectly.

I’ve heard plenty of well-produced albums and EP’s over the last year. I’m not sure I’ve heard one better than As It Happens”. It’s an alt-pop record that’s incredibly smooth with beats and sounds that are completely original, and amazing. The same can be said for the vocal work of SHEETS0.

His voice ebbs, flows, and floats through this recording effortlessly. He has one of the coolest voices that you’re likely to hear in pop currently. As It Happens” is filled with soulful alternative grooves and some awesome beats, and the production sounds better, and more creative than anything I’ve heard in the electro alternative pop market recently.


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