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Her talents discovered in the first-grade while singing “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight and the Pips, independent R&B / Hip-Hop artist Shirley Curtis aka Sherri Amoure, was born and raised in Washington D.C. in a small neighborhood called Brookland. She was raised by her single father, Robert Curtis, after her mother, Brenda Anderson, passed away from breast cancer, before Sherri had reached the age of two. The singer songwriter who fights her struggles with depression and panic disorder, via her music, is also openly lesbian.

There’s something very refreshing about Sherri Amoure’s new single “Ocean”. There’s no pretension or delusions of grandeur. Instead the song is intimate and personal, living in a silky space between sensuality and desire. It radiates fluid warmth and emotion, giving Sherri room to wander into downtempo hip-hop, chillwave, and astral, airy neo-soul vibes. Her scattered meditations on physical connection quickly click into place. Time, feeling, identity, and sex are all amorphous in “Ocean”.

Sherri Amoure understands the power of intimacy, and she knows the song’s slippery and slinky elements are its strengths. Listening to her as she dips in and out of ideas and flips through the song with alluring grace, her world of passionate emotions unfold before your ears.

Sherri Amoure

By thrusting listeners into these precious moments, Sherrie creates a framework that not only undoes constricting notions, but paints vividly seductive scenes. “Ocean” stands up as an assertion of her sexuality in a world that often is still running two steps behind change.

Sherri Amoure’s voice is nimble, capable of simmering, smooth-toned seduction, flirtatious wisps, and soaring balladry in turns – qualities which shine bright on “Ocean”. Over a stripped production of shimmering chords and a thumping kick drum, she relies on her voice to do the heavy lifting in a gorgeous display of range and control. It’s a slow-burning vent of sentiments trying to be heard, and an impassioned display of physical love, all of which reveal the contours of her heart and the timbre of her voice.

By unlocking her honesty and emotional modes, Sherri Amoure boldly suggests the alternative ways of showing up in the world as a woman and a lover. “Ocean” offers a breath of fresh air by cutting to the core of its theme. Finding power through simplicity and spontaneity.

What I’m basically trying to pin down here, is that “Ocean” is absolutely abundant in its details and intent, and is a stellar reflection of how lyrically open Sherri Amoure can be, while adapting expertly to the stylized instrumental. You’ll feel incredibly immersed in her experience.

Sherri Amoure honestly gives her peers a real run for their money, and has that sultry vocal range that listeners just can’t get enough of. Combine Sherri’s stellar vocals with the captivating thematic quality of the song, and the infectious beat that it has, and you have something that will inevitably leave a real mark on the urban soundtrack of 2021. “Ocean” is a beautiful amalgamation of all the elements which make the singer-songwriter irresistible, and sees Sherri Amoure at her most open.


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