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StarChild is a Los Angeles based, independent singer-songwriter who is transitioning from the world of acting, into the world of music. With a fresh perspective on the human mind, body, and soul, this witchy-pop singer brings poetry, the cosmos, occult literature, and peace and love back to the realms of modern music. He is on a mission to shift the culture out of its obsession with materialism into a world of divine Gnosticism. His latest track, “Come to the Sun” is described as a “modern feel-good song about letting go of your past and pain into the divine cosmic sunlight.”  And as a headphone listening experience, it delivers the expected shivers. Water-falling pianos create an immersive floating sensation. There is an accessibility to the majestic etherealness – a focus on the lyrics and the songwriting – along with the delicately soaring range of Starchild’s vocals.

StarChild sings with a graceful power that has really not been seen often in recent years, building in intensity with consistent and elegantly-spun notes that swell into rarified air. If anyone can reach in and touch your soul StarChild can.

Artistically gifted musicians, are in their inner soul as mature as anyone has or ever will be, and this does not necessarily come out in their daily lives or in their actual words but only when they freely express themselves through music. There are a handful of gifted musicians whose music and voices are much more poetic and infinitely deeper than the mere words of their lyrics by themselves will ever be.

StarChild is on that shortlist. It is not just that his voice soars like that of an angel, his voice touches you deep within your heart and soul and unleashes emotions you may not know you were capable of expressing. If StarChild never sang a single lyric and only hummed a tune, it would have the same impressive impact on the listener.

Consider then for one moment, that StarChild also writes poetically moving lyrics. The sum of that equation results in an impeccable and emotional listening experience. Compelling lyrics, dramatic melody, and outstanding vocal – so what else needs to be said?

Those aforementioned elements, coupled with the dreamlike atmosphere of the track, gives StarChild an elusive quality. You want to grasp who and what he is, but you can’t, not really. You just need to connect to his music.

His interpretation is accurate and the darkness-to-light theme of the lyrics is emoted through what is probably taken from his own personal afflictions and joys. It’s this kind of soulfulness that makes StarChild stand out. A wonderful, beautiful, a heavenly being, he gives us a haunting yet soothing sound on this record which shows itself more with each listen.

I could go on and on about how absolutely wonderful and breathtaking “Come to the Sun” is, but I’m guessing if you are searching for it, you already know!

You can find more information about StarChild on You can stream his music on Spotify.

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