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Stella West has released her brand new single called ‘Light in My Head’, which was inspired by the lyrics of a song called ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ by The Water Boys. The track was written by Stella herself, and produced by Quote The Joker.  What makes this singer-songwriter’s music so immersive is her ability to pierce the emotional heart of a situation. At her best, she goes beyond cutting through the superfluous into the type of earth-shaking insight that leaves you speechless. On this single, Stella’s direct melody, soulful voice and raw lyrics are accompanied by organic and nuanced instrumentation, as she fuses chilled blues elements with the classic singer-songwriter structure.

It’s difficult to find music entirely removed from emotion, but it’s rare to find a record so submerged in human feelings that it eclipses almost every other aspect on it. Stella West’s “Light in My Head” stands proudly as an example of gut-wrenching songwriting made potent by the mood that the theme, voice, music and atmosphere of the song evokes. And there are shiver-inducing moments absolutely everywhere. It’s a slow and tender ballad played out atop gentle ambience and heartfelt keys which build amid teasing basslines and drums to a subtle crescendo which sees Stella deliver sublime vocals.

Stella West’s “Light in My Head” is a love song that expresses the desire for both emotional and mental clarity. The lyrics suggest a strong connection between the singer and the subject of the song, who is likely a romantic partner. The repeated line “Light in my head baby” implies a sense of longing for inner peace and contentment, which is enhanced by being in the presence of this loved one.

The song’s opening lines, “You, you in my arms / I want light in my head baby / And I want you, I want you in my arms,” highlight the importance of this person to the singer’s well-being. The phrase “light in my head” can be interpreted in a few ways – perhaps as a feeling of clarity, peace, or even euphoria that she experiences when with her partner.

The following lines, “I hope one day all these chains will come undone / That one day we’ll fly and never have to run,” suggest a desire for freedom from personal struggles or external obstacles that may be hindering the relationship. The lyrics convey a sense of hope for a future where the lovers can be together without any barriers.

The third verse, “In a world becoming so foreign / You’re the one I recognize / When life crashes all around us / I’ll just look into your eyes,” implies that the world can be a difficult place to navigate, but Stella West finds comfort and familiarity in the presence of her partner. The lyrics suggest a deep emotional connection and reliance on this person for support.

The final verse, “Please, let it be true / Tell me everything I need to do / To spend the years remaining / only with you,” highlights Stella West’s commitment to her partner and a desire to spend their future together. The repetition of “light in my head” throughout the song reinforces the idea that this person brings a sense of peace and happiness to the singer’s life.

Overall, “Light In My Head” is a romantic and heartfelt song that expresses a desire for both emotional and mental well-being through the presence of a loved one. Stella West’s lyrics paint a picture of a deep and meaningful connection between two people, and the hope for a future filled with love and contentment.

“Light In My Head” is a phenomenal, tour-de-force of matching music to a narrative and telling that story in the fewest and most powerful words possible. For those not in the know, other than being a proficient and compelling singer-songwriter in her own right, London based Stella West is also a performing arts tutor and specializes in stage fright. She has a music school that is completely free for people who cannot afford tuition, where she only takes working class students.

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