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The hip-hop scene has definitely been further solidified in 2021, with chart dominance by standout artists, while Rookies have made their stamp on the genre as well. Many artists have proved other that music still managed to make its way forward even in a problematic couple of years. It’s difficult to predict which of these artists will emerge as big stars in the coming year, as we learned quickly from last year how things can change in a second. In the meantime Tha Nation, a super group of 4 individuals have dropped their new single “Damn Pam” which features the duo HoodLife Muzik & LaNita.

The duo’s sound is a kaleidoscope of musical influences, each somehow existing at once.  Tha Nation ft. HoodLife Muzik & LaNita’s sound is wide and the group is talented, routinely using their musical acumen to tackle a number of topics. This new record overflows with sonic and rapping ideas, while the vibe is all bulletproof bars over a psychedelic, bass-booming production. Something HoodLife Muzik & LaNita do extremely well.

“Damn Pam” is the kind of track you can just throw on whenever and get sucked into. HoodLife Muzik & LaNita prove to be natural collaborators. They’ve got a ton of chemistry, and they know exactly how to feed off each other and bring out the best in each other without one rapper ever stealing the spotlight from the other. Solid rap groups are hard enough to find these days, but a cross gender collaboration between male and female rappers is rare ground indeed.

Full of bravado, Tha Nation is well aware of the industry pressures on groups like this, but they’re just trying to be themselves in a world that may try and tell them otherwise. On top of an almost hazy, slow-burning beat, HoodLife Muzik & LaNita know how to twist words into mind-bending rhyme schemes, while still sounding inspired. Tha Nation are truly their own, a wholly original group, with a list of individual merits, and they’ve put in the work to prove it.

Not only do Tha Nation and HoodLife Muzik & LaNita have their fingers on the pulse of modern sounds, they also have the versatility to make those sounds work with the throwback sensibilities. They inject a level of exuberant, chanting, singalong energy into “Damn Pam”, their contemporaries have yet to draw out of their own projects.

Starting off slow, HoodLife Muzik & LaNita brings the listener on a colorful and trippy ride unlike any other. All the while showcasing the musical talent, lyrical ability, and energy that this group brings to a track.

“Damn Pam” allows Tha Nation to take a jab at all their peers in the rap game. These rappers have been on their grind, and this song acts as a testament to their persistence and eclectic creativity.

Tha Nation and HoodLife Muzik & LaNita bring a breath of fresh air with their presence in the music industry. They don’t bore you with predictable verses and repetitive beats.  They have a very distinct sound in an era where distinction is a tough thing for any artist or group to have.

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