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In 2020, The Flat Nasty burst onto the country music scene with its debut single “Not Every Day’s a Country Song”, a tribute to the genre’s longstanding tradition of melancholy ballads. With its follow-up single “The Worst Things Get” the band showcased its more upbeat side, offering an anthem that encourages listeners to embrace life in the face of adversity. The Flat Nasty’s origins can be traced to the collaborative efforts of songwriters and producers, Mark W. Hornburg and Doug Jervey, who got together with a group of a talented musicians, which include Lucas Villalobos (guitars), Devon Miller (guitars), Gabe Horn (keyboards), Lee Weingartner (basses), and Stefan Chippeaux (drums), as well as vocalists Clayton Jones, Logan Winkles, and Amber Michel.

The band’s latest release, “Take It That Way,” written and produced by Mark W. Hornburg & Doug Jervey, truly captures the essence of The Flat Nasty. It features an intoxicating, high-energy groove, resonating basslines, and the shimmering jangle of funk-infused guitars, which are fronted by the soaring and mellifluous vocals of Clayton Jones. The song is further elevated by a string arrangement from the Grammy-nominated Drew Jurecka, known for his work on Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now.”

“Take It That Way” is a love song that effectively captures the essence of a relationship where one partner may not always express their emotions through words, but instead relies on actions. With relatable and heartfelt lyrics and an upbeat melody, this song is perfect for dancing at parties while also resonating with listeners on a deeper level. It’s songs like this that make the group’s music so endearing.

All throughout “Take It That Way”, The Flat Nasty show off their pop side, on a track that is perfect for the mainstream airwaves while maintaining a powerful underlying country edge. Clayton Jones’ vocals are in-form as he switches effortlessly from mellow tones to higher, more edgy pitches and back again. The musical side of things is equally as tight and controlled as the song is complemented by instruments which never drown or understate the vocals.

Lyrically, the song begins with the protagonist acknowledging the potential misunderstanding between himself and his partner. Despite being unpredictable and stirring up trouble at times, he holds his partner in high regard. The chorus emphasizes that if his actions demonstrate love, then his partner should interpret it that way.

As the song progresses, the protagonist shares moments of vulnerability, conveying his appreciation for his partner’s ability to calm him down during stressful times. The memories shared with his partner hold great significance, even if it means taking the longest route home. His sentiment echoes the importance of cherishing moments with loved ones and valuing the simple joys in life.

The bridge of the song is a particularly striking moment, as the protagonist confesses his difficulty in expressing himself verbally, but hopes that his actions speak louder than words. His playful teasing towards his partner adds a layer of charm to the song.

The repetition of the chorus towards the end of the song reinforces the idea that the protagonist’s actions indicate his love, and that his partner should interpret it as such. The catchy hook of “take it that way” is a powerful reminder of the importance of communication in relationships, and how sometimes actions can speak louder than words.

Overall, “Take It That Way” is a beautifully crafted and relatable song that effectively captures the emotional rollercoaster of any relationship. The combination of relatable lyrics and an upbeat melody makes it an excellent addition to any playlist. Through the song’s narrative, the listener is reminded of the importance of valuing and cherishing relationships, and the significance of communication, whether it be through words or actions. Clearly, this is the finest release from The Flat Nasty thus far.

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