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Uncle Nolan (Nolan Scott) has written hundreds of songs over the years and came to realize that music has always been a big of his life. Hence his current trajectory began in 2010 while digitizing some of his songs at a music studio in Westport, MA. Nolan was approached by the studio’s owner with a proposition “You’ve got some good tracks here why don’t you consider re-recording your best ones in my studio?” Since then, using his own abilities as well as the skills of an array of talented studio musicians, he been reconstructing choice cuts from his catalogue.

In 2016 he created Nolan Scott Music (NSM) as an entity to control, direct and promote the best of his musical, past, present and future. Two years later the project also became his self-owned record label. In 2019 Nolan Scott Music debuted with the Country Funk / Hoedown 4 song EP set featuring Uncle Nolan, titled “Swamp Rockin’ Hoedown Music”.   The following year, Uncle Nolan dropped the Country Funk / Barn dance 4 song EP set titled, “My Party’s Goin’ On” as well as the Southern Soul/Blues single, “A Different Kind Of Pain” which is currently in online music stores.

April 1st 2021 sees the release of Uncle Nolan’s Black Country / Southern Soul Single, “Beware The Winds Of Change”. It’s apparent to all that Uncle Nolan has been a busy, busy man since he decided to launch a solo career.

He consistently and successfully breathes new life into the songster tradition of first-generation Black Country and Bluesmen. The aural texture remains interestingly vibrant throughout the new single as Uncle Nolan gives us an authentic taste of his southern American roots sound.

Uncle Nolan is a master of old-school sounds, not because he heard them, but because he lived them. The instrumental takes and Nolan’s left-field vocal intonations and inflections are a breath of fresh in today’s climate of country clones.

“Beware The Winds Of Change” is a real treasure for anyone who prefers their tunes with sounds of a legendary bygone era. What is appreciated is the superb discipline of Uncle Nolan’s craft. He never overwhelms, whines sweet nothings, or embellishes the song with cheap sonic treats.

The organic sounds of  “Beware The Winds Of Change”, is forged into an experience welcoming to all, whether you have previously dipped into Uncle Nolan’s music and the genre, or you are a neophyte, seeking new horizons.

Nolan lays bare the origins of it. He shows the raw, core sounds of Black Country and Southern Soul, and by no other means than the sound and melody itself, such is his talent for music, we can hear the relation between them, we can understand the common roots that each grew from.

“Beware The Winds Of Change” is a unique journey into the world of Uncle Nolan, as he gives us his own personal sound and original material; combining all the influences of his favorite subjects, into a breath of fresh air.

Born in the 50’s to Hollis and Lillie Mae Scott, along with his 3 older brothers James Earl, Sam Hollis and John Lee, the gripping and inspiring way Uncle Nolan, delivers his music, is unlike anyone else out there, his a lover of the authentic, original roots American sound from the south.


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