Nerdy G – “On My Grind” – the word work is laser-sharp and spills an attitude!

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Dominic Sanchez, better known as Nerdy G, was born in Ware, MA. Hip-Hop was introduced to Nerdy G by an uncle who was a lyricist himself. Listening to favorites such as J Crime from Foul Airplay, Big L, 2 Pac, and more, Nerdy G began writing his own songs around the age of thirteen. He has since focused on perfecting his craft, writing, and recording with friends. All in preparation for releasing his first solo project in 2021. In fact April 8th sees Nerdy G drop his single “On My Grind”, which will be available on all major digital download and streaming platforms. Produced by Mazement/Studio Red Productions, “On My Grind” comes out via the Rize Up Entertainment record label.

The single “On My Grind” represents the working class of the world who are constantly on their grind to make a living. Nerdy G’s flow can be quick, but never inaudible. He always finds ways to connect his lines with clarity, flow, catchiness, and a vacancy of filler or awkward lines. He has a distinct voice that supplements his unique lines which makes him stand out even more in the current rap scene, especially in contrast with some of his contemporaries who for the most part have very diverse vocal pitches.

Nerdy G preserves a classic lyrical rap style but never lets his performance become stale, boring, or obsolete. The metaphors, the anecdotes and analogies come thick and fast, as the rapper weaves his narrative. You’ll be hearing his ingenious comparisons and smart wordplay as he unfolds the art of grinding that will allow you to reap the benefits of life. Nerdy G’s nimble-burst flow and ability to craft a relevant set of verses comes to the fore with “On My Grind”.

Nerdy G will no doubt conquer the fickle tendencies of hip-hop fans worldwide within his niche. The track finds itself imbued with the kind of assured professionalism that is only permitted those who already have a string of releases under their belts. Nerdy G successfully crafts a track that represents balance, artistic talent and the sought after organic emotion that is lacking in most of the overhyped, mechanical rap and hip-hop music we hear today.

The new wave of hip-hop gentlemen have been degrading the core essentials of the game in recent years, but Nerdy G brings back much of its original allure and shine with “On My Grind”.  It’s got all the elements of style, but also has the beat and that special thing that reverberates through time, the bars. Nerdy G’s attitude is genuine. His vortex of energy sounds natural and unforced. He taps into his influences with seeming effortless measures.

Regarding his lyrical approach in the track, Nerdy G perfectly illustrates what you should expect from him going forward. His word work is laser-sharp and spills an attitude that within time could be something that will be some of the strongest attributes he builds. Nerdy G does not fail to impress on “On My Grind”, if you like real rap, there is no excuse not to have this.


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