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Strands of piano, violin and cello move hypnotically in waves, together with choral interludes, as themes appear, fade and reappear in varied guises, together forming a seamless chronicle of Vincent Krennerich’s emotional imagery on his debut, classically inclined, three song EP, entitled “Gedanke”. Krennerich is a young German pianist and composer who recorded this solo project in Salzburg, Austria. The simple combination between the piano, which carries the melody, and the strings which add melancholic support, results in the intoxicatingly moving compositions.

The opening track, “Olivgrün”, starts off subtly – a gentle piece that evokes the stillness of early morning in the countryside. It is beautifully understated, with the piano and the player, pairing up effectively. The distinctive approach of the rolling piano notes, create a thrilling piece that is the first to encourage the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end.

There is a lot of spectral beauty to be found on this pastoral EP. It is a respite from the rush and crowdedness of life, taking the listener to places of more beauty, solitude and tranquility than daily life generally affords us. In that direction, surely, lies a large portion of Vincent Krennerich’s appeal. This set is an absorbing and exquisite body of music, with moments that may well make you tearful and glad to be alive.

None more so than on “Gedanke”, the title track. Given its reliance on slow building chord sequences, delicate melodic hooks and exquisite harmonic aesthetic, designed together with the melancholic notes of the cello, there is no reason to question the sincerity behind the music or the sincerity with which it is received. Vincent Krennerich’s music feels safe and reassuring midst a world that seems to be less and less so.

The songs flow from one into the next without so much as a flutter, and the only hints are the subtle melodic changes along with beautifully fluctuating dynamics. This particularly true with the transition from “Gedanke” to the stunning, more fleshed out arrangement of “Das Tal”, which closes the recording.

Vincent Krennerich has absolutely no problem losing himself in his performance, as his passion for performing flows from his fingertips through the piano and into the atmosphere of your room. As the pianist’s fingers dance up and down the keys it is possible – in the back of your mind – to hear the thud of the hammers and strings working their magic.

Krennerich manages to make his performances sound effortless, all while the melodies spill out of his instrument and into the ears of what will surely be an adoring audience. Vincent Krennerich is so much more than a musician; he’s a composer, a storyteller, but most of all he’s human. He manages to make the listener feel so many kinds of emotion throughout his performances here.

All throughout the EP, the music is minimalist and deeply evocative, with the pianist’s fingers dancing subtly across the keys. Vincent Krennerich’s music evokes feeling. It pulls listeners in, but even more impressively, it pulls them in just enough to let them make the experience their own. This is an amazing accomplishment for a pianist on his debut release.


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