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The legendary city of Houston has produced a number of artists that will go down in history as hip hop pioneers, who helped expand rap music within the south. Currently coming out of Houston (TX), YAGI is an emerging artist born in New York, and who moved to Houston to play football at U of H. The production on YAGI’s latest single “How You Do That” consists of the same dramatic, emotional, somewhat dark, and banging sonic backdrop, fans have come to expect of rap’s new wave of artists.

YAGI has a deep and resonant voice ready for hard-edged gangsta rap that’s expressive and commanding and capable of grit, yet also versatile enough to show emotive complexity. He tweaks his voice and flow on “How You Do That”, delivering a high-energy club anthem, built for serious twerking.

The Houston-based rapper walks a thin line between radical innovator, street preacher and club player. It’s rare to see in a genre like rap, where tradition is sacred. The art of breaking rules sits neatly with YAGI on “How You Do That”, as he walks his style through a blazing beat, and comes out on the other side sounding like a genre-icon.

Right from the opening, YAGI is already rapping. From the jump, this track doesn’t give you a second to think. He sounds good, and seems to be in his zone. It’s refreshing. His flow is seamless. Every line matters. He’s got his eye on the girls, and he’s not wasting a single bar. The vibe is enthralling.

Turn up the volume and the roof will be levitating off your house. Your shoulders will bounce and your elbows will be thrown about. This record feels large, booming along to the thundering 808’s. It’s a ground shaker, as YAGI unleashes his swagger and outspoken attitude. The verses hit hard, as the rapper finds the pocket in the groove.

The production stays throbbing throughout, as YAGI’s flow matches the adrenaline rush of the beat. His voice cuts through the mix and all the background textures. The production value is high. It’s all hard, but it’s all dynamite. I can hear “How You Do That” rattling out of trunks. YAGI’s energy is impeccable, as he unlocks his potential.

If you’re just wondering how YAGI keeps this intensity up. It’s simply because he raps with confidence and easily finds his stride. His rapping comes with a concentrated effortlessness. You can hear it in his tone; the booth was probably melting when he recorded this track, while he remained in control, spitting out spicy wordplay.

“How You Do That” moves at a steady pace – a slow burning rhythm that captures the uniqueness of YAGI’s high-energy style, on top of the 808 rumble. Amidst all the booty talk, there isn’t a single moment where YAGI sounds dull, repetitive, or out of place. The most endearing quality of “How You Do That” is YAGI’s focus.

YAGI sounds like an artist who actually cares about delivering a full experience to his audience. In fact he accompanies the single, with an enticing visual, to match.


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