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7 Lord’s single, “Drop”, has everything to do with his wordplay and storytelling prowess. And even more to do with his flow and his voice: a deep, swollen and smooth resonance that quietly rumbles over the piano-driven and bubbling bass influenced soundtrack, with mellifluous grace, stringing together vowels and consonants until any one word can rhyme with any other word.

7 Lord’s baritone voice is perfectly fit for the sleek music that he came up with on “Drop”, and that is what makes this release much more than your average rap track. And also why 7 Lord’s name will soon be ringing louder in the rap underground than any other.

One of 7 Lord’s greatest gift as a writer and a rapper is his ability to contextualize all of the abovementioned elements to fit his chosen atmosphere, making “Drop” a melody-driven banger with a very good verses. 7 Lord raps with a sing-song cadence that, in today’s state of hip-hop, is impossible not to connect to the trap wave we’ve been hearing from his forward thinking peers.

 “Drop” doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, he just tries to make it as smoothly rounded as possible, and it sounds like 7 Lord had a blast putting this track together. I believe this is one of the standouts so far this year, as far as this style of rap music goes.

The words have an undeniable swagger to them, and are exactly what 7 Lord feels the need to say. The rapper also excels at one unexpected thing: reminding us music is more than just words, or beats.

Above all, he 7 Lord shows us that music is about the vibe the words bring to the beats, and vice versa. 7 Lord brings it all together, in a tightly wound shimmering ball of essentially introspective and soulful groove.

It’s difficult to listen to this track and not enjoy it; it’s almost impossible even to avoid nodding along to the catchy flow, skittering hi-hats and thumping bass drum.

Not only is 7 Lord excelling at exactly what he does well on “Drop”, but his voice is just perfectly suave, while he spits some real bumpable bars. Again, this is exactly what the song needs. Five seconds in, and you’ll be lost in its immaculate production weave. Truly a great backdrop, for 7 Lord to bring his most infectious and beautifully understated energy to match the beat perfectly.

“Drop” will be stuck on repeat in no time. Not only is the beat refreshing, chill and irresistibly pleasant, 7 Lord bring his distinctive metered style to paint the track the exact pastel colors it needs to put you in a groove.

Overall, “Drop” sounds like that crisp spring, Covid-free morning, that everyone is hoping for. It’s certainly the perfect way to showcase a new, upcoming, and exciting personality, in the underground urban game.

Connect with 7 Lord on INSTAGRAM, and stream his music on SPOTIFY.

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