Yung Rose: “I Don’t Need It” – You can’t resist but nod your head along to this joint!

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Yung Rose is an underground Hip-hop artist from Ohio who started as an EDM spinner in the group, HUF Boyz. The name Yung Rose has the meaning “Bring Balance to The Unequal”, showing the leadership side of his potential in music. On his latest single, “I Don’t Need It”, Yung Rose provides fans with a banger and the kind of quotables that would impress the pickiest of lyricists. He kills with style and melody, and delivers with a plethora of flows and punchlines. He’s unapologetically and undeniably charismatic.

I feel like I’ve heard this before. Interesting keys. Drums just kicking in and a nice bounce here. I feel like this is the kind of music that sounds best when you’re on your third drink in the club and start feeling yourself. Yung Rose is sing-song rapping. I mean, he is rhyming with such precision, and each lyric matters.

The verse flow is why Yung Rose is an insane writer. He understands how delivery can make a song an experience. Sometimes what can make a rapper memorable isn’t what he says but how he says it. On, “I Don’t Need It”, Yung Rose kind of both, say’s and sings it.

A light build up, with keys thumping, and I’m loving the imagery that Yung Rose is painting. He’s somewhere between reminiscing and where he is in the present-tense. The entire listening experience is consistently enjoyable.

He makes the kind of music that blurs the lines between ear grabbing and introspective honesty. Yung Rose stepped up to the plate, and delivered a track that highlights his strengths as an artist. You hear an artist who wanted to prove something, who wanted to prove that he hasn’t come here to fall off.

In fact listening to “I Don’t Need It”, it’s obvious from the jump that Yung Rose isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon, but rather, is intentioned on building his momentum. The production too, is ear-catching on this track. It never feels generic or bland, but is also never overwhelming; staying varied and smooth enough for Yung Rose to easily flow over.

This is just more proof that when this artist really puts his mind to it, he can make legitimately great music. “I Don’t Need It” may be Yung Rose’s most colorful and impacting project to date as he showcases his bravado and vocal skills in a tasteful way.

Yung Rose isn’t only cruising down a comfortable lane, but he is also making tracks that people will continuously have fun with while he is musically evolving. You can’t resist but nod your head along to this joint as Yung Rose floats on “I Don’t Need It”, with absolute ease.


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