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A.Menz is a 23 year old artist based out of Boston who specializes in old school rap and hip/hop. He has a project coming out this summer with other artists such as Suigeneris, Jasper and Izzynyce, along with a charity show at Salisbury beach in Mass on August 24th. His latest track, “Conversations” tells stories of real life events and how just talking to someone could save a life or change them in a positive way forever. Following a string of dope releases, and a name change A.Menz returns with his new single. Produced entirely by @goononthetrack, this track showcases a matured and enlightened emcee who would rather educate and inspire the listener, rather than brag about how much crack he’s selling and how many bodies he’s caught.

It’s a refreshing approach to the current scene as A.Menz drops philosophic science without coming off as overly preachy. The production is the perfect accomplice for this mission as it delivers a vintage sound not abrasive yet not so smooth that you’ll find yourself nodding off. It’s a beat that sounds fresh yet familiar.

Coming right out the gate with heavy lyrically artillery, A.Menz seeks to quickly captivate the listener. Over a harmonious backdrop, “Conversations” pulls no punches, choosing to speak on the positivity of inspiring and truthful verbal communication as opposed to indifference and ignorance.

This joint should serve as a handbook to any aspiring rapper looking to break away from ignorant, negative and destructive rhymes. It’s the type of song that’s sorely needed in today’s materialistic and violent environment, urging the listener to be greater than the stereotypes placed upon them and to simply be great.

The instrumental here is fairly minimal, allowing A.Menz rhymes to stand in the forefront. “Conversations” never gets too heavy-handed, as it presents subject matters that should be addressed in this climate of apathetic dominance.

Bringing hip-hop back to its true essence is a great mission by any account, but sometimes it’s best to demonstrate what it sounds like, rather than telling us about it. Hence A.Menz simply shows us how it’s done, making “Conversations” a masterclass worth enrolling in.

A.Menz has slowly molded himself into one of the sharpest writers: his lyricism and effort are undeniable. The result is a damn fine track that is complete with an excellent technical performances and a quality beat. I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this track. It’s everything that made hip hop great in the first place.

From the lyrics to the beat to the overall messages, I have to say that as a fan of each golden era in hip hop, I’m proud of A.Menz for this project. He should know that regardless of the numbers he accumulates with “Conversations”, he has delivered pure, honest hip hop. And that, my friends, is the essence of this culture.



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