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Gio is a Kansas City, MO native currently based in Los Angeles. The young artist has been interested in music since childhood and started his music career in earnest, at the age of 15. His first single was met with positive reviews and went on to gain over 1,000,000 streams. His debut album “G Star” was released in June 2019. I drove with Gio’s smooth voice in my ears and a pre-summer breeze blowing through my car on first listen of his album. And now I associate this with being carefree, and every time I listen to this album, I get in that mood again. Every track has the potential to be a chart-topping hit. With the voice of an angel, Gio makes you want to sway and move, no matter what he’s singing or rapping.

Regardless of my personal carefree vibe on listening to this recording, it’s fair to say that there are quite a few tortured tracks here – whether dealing with sentimental relationships or family intricacies. Gio has obviously experienced a lot in his life, and he infuse the album with his burdens and joys.

From the moment the album opens with “Day by Day”, Gio’s vocals are consistently engaging. He has an unforced and intimate way of singing, capable of shifting without strain into a more intense register. Words are twisted and turned in an enticing fashion. It is as though language and melody are being melted together.

The slow burner, “Drip” ft. 30 pack, is an instantly impressive vocal performance from Gio. Here his voice scales the high register while soaring above the stripped down musical backdrop. He’s still got that soul/pop vibe that you’ll love, with just of pinch of sexiness.

“Waiting For You” maintains a slinky tempo, and plush arrangement which questions a romantic narrative. Gio shows vulnerability and excellently portrays his thoughts and emotions. “Fly Away” is more urgent and edgy, as Gio lays out his sing-song flow for all to see. These are some real emotions and personal complications that many of us may have gone through.

Gio’s voice over the drum kick and skittering hi-hats on “Love You Tonight” ft. OSO works wonders. This one is ready for the Top 40 charts with its reverberating vocals, and the flow on the hook which is real catchy. Gio has the talent, charisma and creativity to top his own work, and take it to the next level, which is exactly what he does on “What You Calling For”.

This album makes plenty of way for the discussion of love and relationships, and as cliché as you may expect this to be, love songs like this one are a reminder of why this is a subject so visited – because it works.

“Body On Body” ft. WMB Snappy takes the sentimental and transforms into the physical, as Gio lays his desires on the line: “Your body on my body, is the only thing that’s right tonight.” Gio outdoes himself again on “Let’s Go” and lures listeners in with his soul-filled voice.

His cadence floats above the relaxing guitar riffs, thumping percussion and electro twists, as he takes listeners on a sensational journey. It is evident from listening to “G Star” that Gio has a lot to give to the industry. The public should watch out for this record during summer because it will be dominating the airwaves.


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